Why You Should Read Dangerous Calling

November 20, 2012 — Leave a comment

9781433535826Thanks to Mathew Sims over at Grace For Sinners, I was able to get a free copy of Dangerous Calling in exchange for a guest post.

Yesterday I was able to finish it.

Talk about a reality check.

Basically, everyone who is in seminary, been to seminary, or thinking about seminary probably ought to read this book.

If you’re a pastor, future church planter, or current ministry leader, you probably ought to read this book.

If you feel you might be called to pastoral ministry, but haven’t formally started into it or are yet to be trained for it, you need to read this book.

Basically, Tripp’s book is wake up call for those of us in pastoral ministry. and I would count myself in that group even though I’m not formally a pastor because I fit the description of Tripp’s target audience.

It is a book designed to confront the culture surrounding most pastors and the double standard that silently exists between what a pastor calls his congregation to do spiritually and what he himself does.

It is a book that reminds pastors that they are first needy recipients of grace before they are heralds of grace to the people they minister to.

It is a book that challenges pastors to keep a healthy, awe-filled devotional life on the forefront of their minds before they even consider ministering to others.

In short, Tripp presents a theology of pastoral overflow that reminds pastors they need to be daily admitting their need for grace and drinking that grace in through the life sustaining Word of God so that they can then minister effectively to others.

It is also book that levels the playing field and puts every one on even terrain at the foot of the cross.

I had said on Twitter:

Having actually finished it, I would say this again even more emphatically.

If you’re in pastoral ministry, you need to read this book. If you think that you don’t need it, you probably need it even more than I did. I say that because I didn’t think I would really need to read it, so much as I wanted to read it because Paul Tripp wrote it. Only a chapter or so into it and knew it was a book that God was graciously having me read before it was too late. I wasn’t yet one of the horror stories Tripp recounts, but I saw trajectories in my life, which if left unchecked, would lead down that road.

By God’s grace, they’ve been brought to my attention, and over the next several weeks, I’ll tell you more about them, as well as share many of the helpful lists Tripp offers in the book.

In the meantime, you should probably click through this widget and get a copy for yourself:


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