What We’ve Been Up To In Ministry

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Way back when, you might remember a brief blog series called What Are We Up To In Ministry:

  1. My Ministry Internship
  2. High School Boys Bible Study: Ephesians
  3. Church at The YMCA
  4. SHIFT One Day: Apologetics Seminar
  5. Baptisms in the Swimming Pool
  6. Leading a Small Group
  7. ?????

That was the Table of Contents, which as you can see, didn’t come to full fruition. A couple of things happened.

First, the ministry internship explained in the first post more or less stalled out and died over the summer. There were a variety of factors involved, and it is probably safe to just leave it at that. The Bible study lasted for the duration of the semester and was profitable, and the One Day seminar proved to be the first of many trips to teach at SHIFT.

Second, I decided to not announce or frequently post about what we were doing in ministry. Initially, as you might be able to tell, the impulse to start talking about our activities was an extension of trying to raise support and putting everything out there that I would be doing. Once I wasn’t trying to raise support, I didn’t feel the need to post about everything. More than that though, I thought it would be better to not mention many things because I believe it is better to do much of the work of the ministry in relative obscurity. This isn’t to say that everyone telling you about their latest ministry initiative is wrong to do so. I just decided that I would rather work quietly for the most part.

Ironically, many of the activities listed in the internship are things I have been doing more frequently at our church, perhaps more so than during the actual formal internship. I haven’t felt the need to discuss that and don’t plan to go into much detail here, but much of it is the result of running without a title for a while. I am more comfortable now with my role at church and there may be some expansions to it on the horizon.

Along with that, I’ve become a much more frequent visitor to SHIFT, so much so that I’m joining staff as a teacher and curriculum developer. I’d love to tell you more about it, but rather than go into detail here, I’d like to add you to our ministry newsletter. You can receive it either in print or e-mail. Right now, I’m looking to raise support for the summer since I won’t be teaching for two months at school, but would like to devote the time to some classes and curriculum development for SHIFT and our local church. You can donate to that cause here if you’d like.

In the fall, I’d like to expand my current role more and so I’ll be looking for people to not only support what we are doing by regularly praying for us, but by also joining to support us financially on a month-to-month basis. To get an idea what that would look like and what we’ll be doing, you’ll need to be on our newsletter list. Though I may post occasional updates here, I won’t go into as much detail or share as much outside of the newsletter. So even if you’re not able to support us financially but just want to know what God is up to in our neck of the woods in central Florida, email me at nate @ shiftorlando.com and I can add you to the list!


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