Weekly Recap: 2.4.12

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I’m trying this out on the blog this month, let me know if you like it!

My Posts From This Week

Book of the Week: Where the Conflict Really Lies

Because of my overall research focus this month (science/metaphysics), this is a great way to cap the month off. Plantinga is a brilliant philosopher, so I’m interested to read his though more in depth on the the interface of science, religion (or theism), and naturalism.

My Ministry Internship

When Ali and I first knew we were going to move back to Florida, we were faced with a decision. I had gone to Dallas Seminary, not so much with the intention of being a lead pastor of a church, but with the intention of serving in ministry at a church somewhere once I graduated. Ideally, I was thinking I would like to serve as a small groups pastor, or something that involved a good amount of discipleship, teaching, and pastoral care. However, the decision we faced was whether or not we should move back closer to Ali’s family in Orlando, or whether I should just send my resume out to churches and move wherever I might get hired.

My Personal Reading Schedule

If you’re looking to follow something like this in your own reading, I’d suggest starting out with a “Book of the Month” that usually would fall in my “Book of the Week” category. That’ll give you 12 solid books this year. In addition, pick a bigger book or two to spread out over the whole year. Lastly, pick a few other books to serve as quarterly reads. This would give you close to 20 books scheduled to read for the year, which isn’t bad. If you think of these categories as slots though, it will help you not pile on too much and to also be realistic about what you can and can’t set as a reading goal for the year.

Did Adam and Eve Really Exist?

Overall, I found Collins’ book to be helpful in defending a traditional account of Adam of Eve. I am perhaps more open to revising that account than Collins is, but at the moment, I would still be inclined to follow the big picture of the biblical story which suggests man as directly created by God rather than evolved from a lower life form.

The Evolution of Adam: Preliminary Issues

Given that the book is mostly focused on biblical studies and hermeneutical issues, it is really more concerned with the discussing how the conversation about Adam has evolved, as Enns hopes it will continue to do (p. xiii).

The Evolution of Adam: A Review

In the end, I really just didn’t find his conclusion satisfactory. I found many things to commend in his discussion of Paul and am eager to go back to Scripture myself and integrate some of what he has said. But I was left feeling like we were simply re-reading Paul because science tells us Paul can’t have gotten it right when he says a single man is responsible for the entrance of sin and death into the world…For me, it seemed like that wasn’t an option because Enns believes science says its not an option.

The Top Links from My Twitter Feed

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  • Gnosticism, Nicea and Celebrity – Reformation21 Blog j.mp/x1aZ5k
  • Why Voddie Baucham turned down an invite to ER2 j.mp/xCmvsL
  • Why John Piper Isn’t a Millionaire j.mp/yYpSFM
  • In light of Driscoll’s recent comments: Reflections on the Church in Great Britain j.mp/y81Frs

I might add more reflections here regarding comments on my posts, or just general info from my interests around the internet. I haven’t really decided on it, so if you want anything else included, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!


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