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My Posts From This Week

10 Book on Writing

When I take the time and care, these books are what have helped me write well in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

10 Books on Marriage

 If you’ve already read all of these and discussed them with your spouse to some extent, then maybe look into readingReal Marriage. If you haven’t, then I say these books are much more worth your time and effort and you should start with one of them.

A Triperspectival Gospel

I’m only a couple of chapters into Peter Jensen’s The Revelation of God, but I’m already noticing triperspectival patterns showing up here and there. In his opening chapter, “The Gospel as Revelation,” he gives three grounds for believing that the gospel is the word of God.

Why I Don’t Recommend Real Marriage

When it comes to Mark Driscoll, the internet is never short on things to say. Plenty of reviewers have taken the time to present a thorough overview of Mark and Grace Driscoll’s Real Marriage (e.g. ChalliesBurk, andAnderson Pt. 1 and Pt. 2). That being the case, I thought it might be helpful to just explain why I don’t recommend the book.

Quality vs. Appeal in Worship Music

All of this is to illustrate that often in cultural tastes, people confuse objective quality and subjective appeal. Rather than mean “This song isn’t good,” saying “This song sucks” usually means “I don’t like this song.” This isn’t always the case, and there is certainly some overlap between the two categories I’ve presented. The point is that we use the language of “suck” to refer to things we don’t like and it is important to remember that what we don’t like doesn’t necessarily coincide with what isn’t “good.”

Top Links From My Twitter Feed

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