Weekly Recap: 2.11.12

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My Posts From This Week

Thesis Published

The first part of my thesis was published by In Antithesis which is ”an online journal focused on the Presuppositional/Covenantal variety of apologetic methodology.”

My thesis is titled Hollywood, Geneva, and Athens: A Reformed Philosophy of Film. I use Calvin’s aesthetics, Van Til’s apologetics, and Frame’s triperspectivalism to sketch out a way of watching movies.

You can check it out here: In Antithesis Vol 2, No. 1.

I also noticed two of my book reviews (Doctrine of the Word of God and Raised With Christ) were published in Dallas Seminary’s journal, Bibliotheca Sacra, in their most recent issue.

Book of the Month: The Revelation of God

This month I’m working through Peter Jensen’s The Revelation of God. Over the course of the year, I anticipate reading all of the Contours of Christian Theology series and would recommend them to you as well.

Warfield and Triperspectival Apologetics

Up until this year, I hadn’t really done any kind of lengthy interaction with B. B. Warfield. As much you can envision such a thing, I’ve metaphorically danced around his ideas (go ahead and picture that) but haven’t really read much of his writings.

Why I Dropped the Horner Bible Reading Plan

I decided I just didn’t like the pace, especially with all the other reading I do on a daily basis. I don’t think I’m necessarily downgrading my Bible reading so I have more time in the morning to other books. I’m just re-orienting what I’m aiming to do with my personal Bible reading and making room for more focused study of Scripture alongside daily reading.

Education For Human Flourishing

So far, I’ve been pretty impressed with IVP’s Christian Worldview Integration Series. I’ve read the book on communication, and here on the blog I’ve reviewed the books on business and literature and will have philosophy soon. You might guess from that list though which was my favorite. Here though I review the contribution to the field of education.

The Mysterious Epigenome

The chapters are each fairly short and include helpful discussion questions at the end. It seems like this book would make a good supplement for a high school biology class (something I might check out next year). The authors also point the reader to resources on their website. Overall, it is a well-researched book and because it is fairly short would be easy for most people to read.

Two further features stand out in the way the book is put together.

The Top Links From My Twitter Feed

  • Bishop Eddie Long Apologizes for Coronation Ceremony – The Gospel Coalition Blog j.mp/wHjFE3
  • Win the Man, Not the Argument | The Resurgence j.mp/wqifOT
  • Tattoos and Skin Deep Hermeneutics | The Cripplegate j.mp/zOQDPT
  • Who Ordained You a Minister Over Me? – Reformation21 Blog j.mp/zKkCVU
  • Four/Fifths of the Brimstone j.mp/ywz6C9
  • Read the new issue here: Journal of Biblical Counseling | CCEF j.mp/zALjQa
  • I don’t care what you think, this is epic: Grizzly Bear Cub and Wolf Cub Playing Together j.mp/zi2CSG


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