Weekly Digest 5/5

My Posts This Week

  • Triperspectival Spiritual Formation j.mp/IiwVWs
  • May Editorial  j.mp/Kohqeg
  • Book Review: Psalms As Torah: Reading Biblical Song Ethically j.mp/K1Df6N
  • Book Review: Proverbs and Ecclesiastes (Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible) j.mp/JVS50x
  • Book Review: A Commentary on the Psalms Volume 1  j.mp/JHGLDI

Books Ordered and Received

  • Wordsmithy: Hot Tips for the Writing Life by Douglas Wilson j.mp/IOauwT
  • The Big Bang Theory and Philosophy ed. by Dean Kowalski j.mp/IOaWeG
  • All Roads Lead to the Text: Eight Methods of Inquiry Into the Text by Dean B. Deppe j.mp/JwHNhD
  • Chuck Klosterman and Philosophy ed. by Seth Vannatta j.mp/JwHIdD

Top Twitter Links

  • Anti-Bullying Speaker Attacks Bible, Christian Teens – The Gospel Coalition Blog j.mp/IifO79
  • The Most Boring Important Thinker You Should Read – The Gospel Coalition Blog j.mp/JoxvQp
  • Don’t Buy My Book—Yet! | Michael Hyatt j.mp/Ko6s8O
  • Considering the hardcover is $40 getting Bahnsen’s Presuppositional Apologetics for $5.95 on Kindle is a steal j.mp/IO8Mf9

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