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Over the weekend, I went to the Southeast Regional Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. It was my second regional meeting, as I was able to go the Southwest Regional meeting at Dallas my last year there. Unfortunately I’ve failed to make the national meeting, which is more of a big deal. Hopefully this year I’ll make it, especially since it is in San Diego.

I was able to make it up to Knoxville first on Wednesday to see my parents and friends. It was probably my shortest trip to Knoxville, but it was good to be there if even for a little while. Then, I headed down to Birmingham. Usually, driving from Knoxville to Birmingham is just the first leg to Dallas. As much as I’d like to go back and visit, that was just a bit too much driving. Instead, I’ll holed up in a nearby Starbucks, got some writing done, and then headed over to Beeson Divinity School on Samford University’s campus. It was a very picturesque campus, nestled on the side of a hill. The picture above doesn’t really do it justice, and the inside of the chapel was amazing. I should have taken pictures, or taken a tour, but I had other things I had to get done. The evening I was in town, I was able to connect with a friend of mine (and my wife’s) Cliff, who is a hip-hop artist working as a youth pastor in the area. Check him out on Noise Trade.

The conference was enjoyable. I was able to sit in on a few good papers, and then presented my own on Saturday morning. I’ve linked to that here. It was refined adaptation of my thesis that included an example of reading a film (Inception) theologically. Much to my surprise, Peter Leithart was both at the conference, and came to my paper. I had introduced myself to him the day before, and he said my name sounded familiar. I guess it was because he saw my paper on the schedule and was coming to hear it. He told me afterwards that he really appreciated it, and we were able to chat briefly.

Then, I spent the rest of the day Saturday driving back to Orlando. Having listened to many papers and podcasts on previous drives, I opted to listen to the archives in my iTunes library. 7 straight hours of listening to old favorite albums on a sunny afternoon does wonders for the soul. It’s probably a second best to spending the day reading. Yesterday, my friend Todd and his wife Megan were in town on the back end of a cruise, so we were able to hang out again. In two weeks, I’ll be back up in Louisville for some conferences, so I’m on a pretty good every 2 weeks with Todd schedule.

In the mean time, spring break is over, and now it’s back to work.


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