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December 28, 2011 — Leave a comment

Looking back on this last year, I think I can say I finally developed a consistent approach to blogging. For the most part, I posted 5 times a week from about March/April onward. Based on my stats, here’s the top 11 posts by pageviews from 2011:

#11. Developing a Consistent Prayer Life (part of Reshaping Christian Habits series)

#10. Love May Win, But So Does an Effective Marketing Campaign

#9. The Son is God (part of How The Trinity Changes Everything series)

#8. The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims on the Way

#7. How Seminary Helps Contextualization (part of The Ethics of Contextualization series)

#6. Think Theologically

#5. Using the Compound Effect (part of Reshaping Christian Habits series)

#4. Why There Are No “Lost” Gospels

#3. Inception Within Inception

#2. The Goodness of Inequality

And the #1 post, which is really just because of it being shared on a higher profile blog last week:

How To Worship When You Think The Songs Suck (part of Revamping Christian Worship series)

Here’s some honorable mentions that you might find interesting:

Gladiator and Ethical Paradox

The Elephant in the Room is Church History

The 90-Day Challenge

Love Wins: A Brief Theology of Harry Potter

Being Reasonable About Science


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