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February 18, 2008 — Leave a comment

I suppose an update of some sort is in order, I mean when did I write in here last again?

Hold on, I’m going to look it up…

Ok, so its been about two weeks,  hopefully no one felt deprived of meaning in their life. If you did for some unknown reason, we should probably discuss it in person.

Anyway, not too much has transpired, but nothing really stays the same either, otherwise, there any kind of an update would be meaningless.

This past weekend we (you know who you are) had the pleasure of going to Passion Dallas, which was amazing to say the least. Rather than explain the whole conference, the curious can find more here.

It was refreshing in more ways than one, and it was long overdue to hear a compelling message on the Holy Spirit.

My thoughts, I’m sure, on the content of the weekend will be forthcoming, for now, just know that some friends and I went, and if you live anywhere near DC or the ATL you need to go to one of the remaining two.

Other notable changes are as follows:

  1. Ascension back to the consumption of the infamous 6-shots-over-ice-in-a-grande-cup-no-room beverage at Starbucks.
  2. Trying to finish a workout by 6am and using the remaining part of the morning before work for reflection and pleasure reading.
  3. Purchase and subsequent viewing of the Flight of the Conchords 1st season on DVD.
  4. Journeying into the exciting realm of philosophical theology.
  5. Rediscovering the full range of albums on my iPod.
  6. Contemplating the Trinity at an ever-increasing frequency.
  7. Mastering the art of timelessness.

Now this last part probably necessitates a certain measure of explanation.

Philosophically speaking, I realize I cannot actually achieve timelessness, but from my perceptive abilities I can in practical reality somewhat easily attain the otherwise impossible.

Its been a gradual process stemming from some interesting research from a friend of mine back in Knoxville and can be somewhat encapsulated in a book by Stephan Rechtshaffen called Time Shifting.

Basically, time can somewhat be understood as an objective measurement of reality that does not necessarily have an object existence of its own, that is, one’s perception of the passage of time is extremely subjective.

If you have a stopwatch you can easily illustrate this to yourself by starting it, closing your eyes, and then opening them when you think a minute has passed.

More than likely you will be wrong.

Anyway, if you want a lot of the philosophy underlying it, read the book, but otherwise, here’s something practical I have found to help divorce myself from being driven by time and have since started experiencing a lot less anxiety and stress about getting things done, and have also found plenty of time to do everything I need to do.

Sounds somewhat enticing doesn’t it?

To experience just a little bit of the freedom try the following sometime when you can legitimately take an entire day off. You can still work on homework, reading, etc. But for the most part, try to spend the day away from the normal surroundings, preferably alone, something probably more of a sacrifice for most than for me. Anyway:

  • Take a piece of black duct tape and cover the clock in your car.
  • After waking in the morning, try as much as possible to not look at the clock on your phone, it’s preferable to actually turn it off, but you can just as easily not look at it very much.
  • If you usually wear a watch, don’t. If you want a dramatic effect, write “NOW” on your wrist instead.
  • Go somewhere else for the day (I usually go to Arlington). If you happen to be in Schroon Lake, this would be Sarasota Springs for you. Anywhere else, just drive 30 minutes away.
  • This tends to work fairly well on Sundays for me, you can still go to church if you want to, just avoid knowing what time it is.
  • Take whatever you feel you need, Bible, laptop, ipod, book of choice, notebook, blanket, guitar, camera, pool chemicals, your apron if you think you may want to pick up a random shift at some Starbucks, these are just a few ideas to get you started.
  • Spend the day doing whatever you feel like, irrespective of the passing of time.
  • Odds are you will probably only become aware of the time when the sun starts setting, at which point you could call it a day and step back into to reality, but again that’s up to you.

I would be interested to know if anyone happens to try this adventure. Depending on how entrenched you are in the time-space continuum, this could be fairly radical for you, but there’s something rather freeing and invigorating about not caring what time it is.

In essence, you really only have the present, and as such, should only be focused on what is happening then, and in order to do so, knowing the time is irrelevant.

Having permanently duct-taped away my clock in my car, driving has become even more relaxing for there is no time apparent from point A to point B. I know what time it is when I leave so I will make it wherever I need to be, but I also leave much earlier than I used to so traffic matters little, and in a very real sense, I can’t get there much faster regardless of whether I know what my time looks like or not.

So anyway, that’s a nutshell of the recent developments.

There was a rather sharp epiphany while on one of these timeless excursions last week, which will turn into a project for Trinitarianism and will probably appear on the other blog in short segments at some point.

The forthcoming synthesis of my neurocardiology research, philosophical reasonings concerning the nature of the Trinity, and understanding of psychology in light of the Bible is in the making. Hopefully it all comes together as lucidly on the paper as it is unfolding in my head.

But we’ll see…..


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