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September 12, 2009 — Leave a comment

This update comes in the form of lists. So let’s get right into it. Let’s start with books that either I’m currently reading or recently finished. Go!

Books you should read:

  • Vintage Jesus/Church by Mark Driscoll
  • Total Church by Steve Timmis and Tim Chester
  • Ancient Near Eastern Thought and the Old Testament by John Walton
  • The Lost World of Genesis One by John Walton (CAUTION: This will possibly shake cherished interpretations of said chapter of the Bible, read with care)
  • Communion with The Triune God by John Owen
  • Peacemaker by Ken Sande
  • Christless Christianity by Michael Horton (CAUTION: May ruin previous book on the Christian life that have impacted you)

Bands you should check out:

  • The Word Alive (Empires Ep)
  • Rx Bandits (Mandala)
  • Set Your Goals (This Will be the Death of Us)
  • Mew (No More Stories…)
  • Oh, Sleeper (Son of the Morning)
  • Memphis May Fire (Sleepwalking)
  • As Tall as Lions (You Can’t Take it with You)
  • Advent (Naked and Cold)
  • Attack Attack (Someday Came Suddenly)
  • A Day to Remember (Homesick)

Keep your eye out for these releases:

  • Porcupine Tree “The Incident” out Tuesday (if nothing else go buy this!)
  • Thrice “Beggars” now on iTunes but out Tuesday in stores
  • Muse “The Resistance” out Tuesday
  • Brand New “Daisy” out 9/22
  • Mae “(m)orning” out 9/22
  • Paramore “brand new eyes” out 9/29
  • The Fall of Troy “In the Unlikely Event” out 10/6
  • Between the Buried and Me “The Great Misdirect” out 10/27

I know that’s not much of an update, but you at least know what I’ve been reading and listening to.

Football officially kicks off this weekend (well I guess college did last weekend).

Time with Ali + football + nice apartment to lounge in = great weekends.

Too bad there’s homework to intrude on all that.

But then again, when have I ever complained about reading?


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I'm an avid reader, musician, and high school Bible teacher living in central Florida. I have many paperback books and our house smells of rich glade air freshners. If you want to know more, then let's connect!

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