This almost makes me want to visit Norway

January 20, 2015 — 3 Comments

We were at Epcot on Sunday and the old Norway ride with the cool trolls was closed because it’s being turned into a Frozen ride. Kinda lame, and the Norwegians aren’t stoked about it. Reminded me though about these videos, which make Norway rather enticing.



And then there’s this:

w640 (1)



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3 responses to This almost makes me want to visit Norway

  1. You should move here. It’s beautiful. Videos can’t do it justice. Plus, they need more solid Bible teachers here. I’m in the south right now, but either way, North or South, it’s needed. Glad you took an interest in those videos, at least!

    • I didn’t realize you were in Norway! You came from the UK right? I’d love to come visit, but I could never move anywhere that doesn’t have summer 9 months a year.

      • Oh trust me, I understand. I’m originally from South Louisiana, so this is all brand new to me. I’ve shoveled snow for the first time, and it’s really coming down. But that being said, it is beautiful now, and more so in the summer. As they say, it’s not [too] cold if you have the right clothes 😉

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