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December 20, 2012 — Leave a comment

Tuesday, I shared the 12 best books I read in 2012. As the year winds down, it seems about the right time to share what the 12 top posts of 2012 were. After screening out static pages and pages that were clearly being accessed by my students for class materials, here’s what was most visited:

A few things about this list. First off, and interestingly enough, there aren’t any book reviews in the top 12. Actually, the last one should be, but I wanted the list to begin and end with Inception. No reason really.

Since I keep up with (or at least pay attention to) what kinds of searches find my blog, this list is actually not that surprising. It basically represents what most frequent searches found my blog. If you’re keeping score though, most people find my blog searching for things related to Bible reading and study, the movie Inception, and worship music.

I actually did have a review post that would have cracked the top 12, but I’ll instead use as the first in the list of the 12 most popular reviews:

While these are the 12 most viewed reviews, they got significantly less views than the top 12 posts overall. If I were to take this to heart and start blogging more based on what searches find my blog, I should probably start posting less book reviews.

However, my subscriber base has grown significantly over this past year and I am assuming that people subscribe and stay subscribed because they like what they are getting. Based on that assumption, which is hopefully correct, I don’t plan to drastically change my modus operandi when it comes to blogging in 2013. I will however make some changes, but you’ll have to wait until New Years to see what!


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