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September 17, 2011 — 1 Comment

Last Thursday night, we had the privilege of being prayed over (as you can see here) by the youth of our church (CrossPointe Waterford Lakes) as we were introduced as the new youth leaders for our church. I’ve been involved with the worship band since early August, but had really wanted an opportunity to use my gifting and training in a more substantial way in the life of the church. Now, we officially have a home as leaders of the CrossPointe youth (or XPY for short).

After meeting with our pastor over lunch, he suggested that Ali and I heading up the youth ministry would be a great fit for our backgrounds and abilities. Though I hadn’t been thinking along those lines, when he said it, it was like it clicked and made perfect sense. I talked it over with Ali and we felt this way exactly what God had called us to right now.

So, starting the first Sunday in October, we’ll be leading the youth ministry and would appreciate your prayers. We both have primarily worked with youth in the past and after four years in seminary, I’m excited to have the opportunity to contextualize many of the things I’ve learned for a younger, yet still very mature, audience.

Pray for us that we would be faithful in our service and that God would give the grace and patience we need to model Christ to these kids. You can pray for us as well that we would be able to raise the financial support that we need to make this new commitment work well with our monthly budget. I had been looking into getting a second part time job to go along with teaching high school biology and anatomy (since I am only there for two periods, three days a week). This however is essentially another part time job, but given the size of our church (we had 160+ attendees last Sunday) there is not a place in the budget to fund working youth leaders. We knew that going in and wanted to pursue the ministry anyway, but pray for us now as we seek out people who would be interested in financially partnering with our youth ministry.

Lastly, pray for our youth, that the Spirit would move in their hearts and minds and grow them more like Christ as we start going through the Gospel of Mark. I’m really looking forward to this series myself, and hoping that it shapes and molds me in the coming months leading up to Easter. Pray for our youth that the encounter they have with Christ through the Word would do the same for them as well.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated about how things progress in the coming months, both what we’re learning in Mark and what God is doing in our midst. Until then, we appreciate your prayers!


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