Book of the Month: The Revelation of God

February 6, 2012 — 2 Comments

As I mentioned in the reading schedule, there will often be a book of the month. I might read it in the course of a week, or I might spread it out over the whole month. Just depends on how life goes.

This month, I’m turning the corner from a metaphysical/scientific focus to a focus on epistemology. In some ways this will bleed into next month which focuses on bibliology. Even as I’m looking at the books to work through, it is hard to sharply separate, at least in terms of theological study, epistemology and revelation. It seems that epistemology leads naturally into studying Scripture and clarifying what is true of Scripture and how we should seek to understand and interpret it.

Toward that end, this month I’m working through Peter Jensen’s The Revelation of God. Over the course of the year, I anticipate reading all of the Contours of Christian Theology series and would recommend them to you as well.

While this book is focused on revelation, notice how Jensen shapes his focus in his chapter titles:

  1. The gospel as revelation
  2. The nature of the gospel
  3. The gospel and the knowledge of God
  4. The gospel as pattern of revelation
  5. Revelation and human experience
  6. The gospel and religious experience
  7. The authority of Scripture
  8. The nature of Scripture
  9. On reading Scripture
  10. The gospel and the Spirit
  11. Contemporary revelation

Hopefully, you’re as intrigued as I am. I’ll be sure and keep you posted along the way. Just a heads up though, I may make a series or at least link a series of book reviews together exploring how to read the Bible. Especially after reading Peter Enns’ The Evolution of Adam, I’m reminded how important it is to both clearly understand the nature of Scripture and properly interpret it.

Toward that end, I’m thinking through how to best guide you through a journey like that. What would you like to see addressed? What topics would you like to see covered? What books would you like to see me review?

Here’s some that I have so far:

I am hoping to add some more, and maybe even make this an ongoing research focus. As I look at some of the theological landscape out there, it seems like almost every significant doctrinal disagreement can be traced to a hermeneutical disagreement. That would seem to imply that understanding how to interpret the Bible properly is an important foundation for sound theological thinking.

If that’s the case, then I’d really like to focus on developing that for you here on the blog. Since we’re aiming to become more effective witnesses to Christ, that necessarily involves understanding Scripture. Hopefully, in the coming months, I’ll be able to help you along in that process!


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