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In the past, I had a weekly digest-type post. I’ve been thinking for a while about resurrecting it, and today is the day. I’ll let the format speak for itself. From now on, look for this post every Sunday afternoon.

Top Links

4 Things I Liked And 3 I Didn’t About The New Noah Movie (Aaron Armstrong):

This weekend, director Darren Aronofsky’s epic Noah made its way into theatres with many a feather ruffled. Much ink has been spilt discussing concerns about the filmmakers’ liberties in bringing the story of God’s wrath against humanity to the big screen.

It’s the kind of movie that, honestly, if it’s you’re temperament, you’re guaranteed to find something to hate about this movie. But frankly, that’s every movie. Nevertheless, the movie isn’t all bad, nor is it all great. Here’s a look at four things I liked and three I didn’t:

Eyewitness Documents Affirming Jesus’ Resurrection (Triablogue)

One of the apologetic issues that often comes up during the Easter season is what documents we have from eyewitnesses testifying to Jesus’ resurrection. It’s often claimed that some letters of Paul are all we have. Even if that were true, all of us frequently accept historical claims from historians, news reporters, and other sources who aren’t eyewitnesses. Still, eyewitness accounts have some advantages, so it’s worth asking what eyewitness documents we have affirming Jesus’ resurrection.

The Desiring God Theme Park (Jeff Medders)

One of the funny elements of Twitter is the parody/fake accounts. One of the best is Fake John Piper, @fakejohnpiper, run by pastor and author, Jared Wilson, @jaredcwilson.The real John Piper is a good sport. He thinks Fake John Piper is funny.

[T]he prime choice of @fakejohnpier comes in the slew of tweets scheming up a Desiring God Theme Park.

A Guide To Christians At The Movies (Michael Patton)

I love movies. Probably too much. Definitely too much. I always think about whether something is beneficial or not. I am continually asking if such and such movie is promoting good or evil in myself. I often don’t know. However, I have come up with three rules of thumb that I use in evaluation. This is especially helpful when it comes to what I will let my kids watch. With the movie season on the horizon, I pray that this will guide your discernment, producing grace and truth, freedom and a protection.

Color Code Your Day To Make Sure You’re Spending Your Time Right (Lifehacker)

Time for some coloring fun, folks. This might be the easiest way to see how you’re really spending your time. Color in the “Wheel of Productivity” and (optionally) see how it matches some of the world’s most famous creative people.P

The Daily Muse offers a template you can color in. Either print it out or open it up in a graphics program and color in each hour block based on the type of activity you normally do each day. Are you spending your time most where it matters?

A Pastor’s Guide To Evernote (Pastors Today)

I have a lot of tools in my garage. I’ve noticed though that no matter the project there are always a couple of tools that I reach for. I use them frequently because I’ve learned how to be effective with them.

In pastoral ministry we have numerous tools available. The key, though, is not collecting tools but knowing which tools to use and how to use them effectively. When we have good tools at our disposal, we are able to be more intentional and effective husbands, fathers, and pastors. The cloud-based service Evernote is a tool to be used to help you be most effective in your pastoral ministry particularly in the arena of sermon preparation.

How Should You Respond When A Fellow Believer Is Excited About Untruth? (Mike Leake)

So what should he do? What is a person to do whenever fellow believers get really excited about something but the thing they are excited about is filled with untruth? Do you whack them upside the head with your Bible? Do you just laugh like a nervous school boy and pretend you loved the movie too?

I’m convinced that none of the above options is the path to go. Instead the best response is to be like the little boy in the beginning of the story—though perhaps with a bit more tact.

Random Thoughts

  • I think I’ve reached my road trip quota for a while. I just finished my second drive (10 hrs) to Tennessee in just over two weeks. After a couple days in Louisville, I get to try the Louisville to Orlando drive, which looks like it’ll be about like the Dallas to Knoxville drive. That seems fitting.
  • I’m looking forward to meeting up with people tomorrow and the next few days while in Louisville. Looks like I’ll be able to go to T4G after all, thanks to a friend of a friend not being able to go. I was looking forward to just going to Band of Bloggers as well as the CBMW pre-conference, but now I can do the whole shebang.
  • Back to the road trips, I forgot how therapeutic listening to the archives of my iTunes library is. Since I mostly listen to instrumental music now when I’m studying/working, it’s nice to get back into my more melodic rock classics.
  • I haven’t been reading as much lately, and honestly, it hasn’t bothered me too much. Less reading for me is still more reading than most, but I’ve had other things to focus on and take care of. I guess considering what I’m getting into this fall, I should enjoy the break while it lasts
  • Ali and I have really done well on the healthy eating business this year. Now we’re embarking on a more intensive exercise plan. I’ve been pretty consistent about the gym this part school year, and my body is grateful. Even still, I’d like to continue getting in better and better shape, as is Ali.

Amazon Deals

Normally, I’ll list some ebook deals here. Today, I’ve got a list of pre-order books that you might be interested in:

Song of The Week

This has been my jam for the past couple of weeks. Thankfully there is a tab, so I’ve been learning to play it. Animals as Leaders is a three piece instrumental progressive metal band that dabbles in jazz. Pretty much my ideal study music. This track, Another Year, is from their most recent album The Joy of Motion.


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