The Lost Autumn Sessions

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About 10 years ago now, I was just getting started on a school free year. It would be my only school free year for another 9+ but I did not know that at the time since I wasn’t really planning on going to college. I had decided I’d had enough of school and after saving up all summer, I bought this nice drumset and everything else necessary to run a recording studio out my parents’ attic.

Over the course of that year, I recorded two full albums and a collection of demos that I never put the finishing touches on. Actually, one of those albums I recorded with my friend Steven at his house before graduating high school. Well really, all the piano tracks were done at my house, and the editing and mixing was done at his house.

It’s a 4 song album with each song broken up into different movements, and you can listen to or download it here.

The second full album was a concept album with each song in a different key and the order structured so that the music moved through the Circle of 5ths (E-B-F#-C#-Ab-Eb-Bb-F-C-G-D-A to be exact). Also each group of four songs represented a different season (Fall-Winter-Spring) and the entire album was composed, recorded and mastered in November of 2002. It’s amazing what you can do in a month when all you do work a day job and spend your free time in a solitary pursuit.

The result was called Of Time and Season and you can listen to that album here.

Now, after I finished that album, I started collecting some other songs that were going to be an additional concept album. Unlike the primarily piano arrangements of my first two albums, this was going to be a full band sound (guitar, drums, bass) and utilize some analog effect sounds (creating pad-like sounds without a keyboard). Unfortunately, I lost the final master of the recordings and after several years away in college and seminary could only barely remember what they were supposed to sound like.

Until now.

While I was home in Tennessee last weekend, I went through things in the attic with my mom (which looks nothing like the above picture now). Among some of the stuff she had collected was a CD which turned out to be the long lost master recording of that 3rd unfinished album. I actually didn’t realize what it was until I got back home to Florida and popped it in my car CD player, hoping it was not too scratched to play.

Thankfully, it was not, and after several repeated relistens, I uploaded the album to my bandcamp site and you can now listen for yourself here.

The way bandcamp is setup, you can listen on your computer as much as you like, but if you want to download, it’ll cost you a small fee. It’s pretty reasonable though if you ask me, but I’ll let you decide after you give it a listen!


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