The Four Year Track

March 10, 2011 — 1 Comment

I’ve got a theory about seminary. I am thinking it works much like undergrad, especially when you are in a 4 year degree program like the Th.M. Basically it would look something like this:

  • 1st year = if not overwhelmed by everything, you are at least not yet pretentious about how much you know
  • 2nd year = with a year under your belt you start to think you know a thing or two and begin to act like it as well
  • 3rd year = you have a slight suspicion God might be calling you to be the next Luther and are avidly on the hunt for who will play the pope
  • 4th year = you start your descent back into reality and slowly realize you don’t know near as much as you thought you did last year

Being in the twilight of year 4 myself, I think that was my own basic trajectory, but I’ve seen it replicated in other people as well. I’m wondering how much culture shock will come in the next year or so as I break out of the seminary culture bubble and start spending time with normal people again.

Not that seminary students aren’t normal…

But hey, you’ve read my blog and you see what I’m like, so there you go. Slightly abnormal


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