The 12 Best Books I Read In 2012



In case you haven’t been paying attention, I’ve done quite a bit of reading this past year.

Just how much, you might ask.

Well, unlike last year, I didn’t put together a comprehensive list.

I did however, pick my 12 favorite reads. I’ve seen some other lists floating around online (like herehere, and here), but my list was based on what I read this year (whether or not it came out this year). For the most part they were published this year or last.

I excluded larger books (like An Old Testament Theology and Kingdom Through Covenant) since they are reference works I’ll go back to again whether or not I really enjoyed reading them. Instead, I picked 12 books that I really enjoyed reading (and weren’t just good) and that I might read again sooner rather than later.

You can see them in the picture above, but here’s the list (linking to a review where applicable):

Some notable mentions are books I’m really enjoying but might not finish by the end of the year:

What about you?

What’s on your list of favorite reads this past year?

Author: Nate

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