Starving for Autumn

October 8, 2007 — Leave a comment

It somewhat defeats the purpose of recreating a blog if one never writes in it.

That was the best segue I could offer, this blog might be quite random, but those are usually the good ones once I am done having my way with them.

Anyway, life has been, well, good. It can be mundane at times, there is not the level of excitement that seemed to pervade my first year at Word of Life, but again, Steven was a catalyst for most of that, and he is still in Tennessee (at least until Wednesday when he comes down here to visit). At present though, if there is any excitement, it is usually up to me and Wendall to compose, and while he is usually willing, I am usually preoccupied with either a paper, a project, some independent research, or occasionally something related to school (thought I was going a different direction with that one didn’t you?) It all comes down to life management, something I am endeavoring to perfect from week to week. It’s not entirely vital at this point given my current workload, but it will be eventually, and I’m sure a nice, smoothly flowing schedule will be quite conducive for the later years of seminary life.

My only complaint at this point is the lack of seasonal fluctuation. I mean I don’t ask for much, but c’mon Autumn, where are you? I mean, I’ve been leaving you messages or your machine since late August, hoping you’d be here by at least your birthday, but alas, September 21st came and went. Anyway, if you happen to read my blog (which you should) and see how much I miss our times together, maybe you’ll hurry up and head down here to Dallas. I realize the rest of the country for the most part hasn’t been graced with your presence yet either, but they can wait.

This may be an appropriate time for a slight liver update (there really is no segue for that, much less a better time to insert it into to a narrative like this). Eating less and eating better is paying off, although I have had Jack in the Box two nights in a row. Last night out of necessity, tonight because it was just so good last night. Hopefully all the vegetables from earlier and the scoop of Perfect Food Super Green Formula will balance it out (or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part, but I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough). Eating less and managing food better does have its advantages, such as not wondering what to do for last minute meals, and also not having that nasty feeling after eating 30 wings from Buffalo Wild Wings just because they were only $0.40 (however, eating only 24 wings doesn’t have that same impact, so its usually a safer bet). Any way, moral of the story, eating better leads to better time management, better sense of well-being, and clearer thought processes. Also, I’m finding I enjoy the prolonging of the feeling of hunger as it is all the more satisfying to finally eat.

Week 3 of no coffee started today with little fanfare.

As far as closing thoughts go, I’m not sure there is much else to say, I have a few unfinished thoughts swimming around in the reservoir of my mind, which should keep them busy for a few more weeks before they find whatever else it is they are looking for and then force there way out into the open sunlight after being couped up so long. Until then, I’ll probably be reading if you need me, don’t hesitate to call.


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