Somewhat of an update…

February 5, 2008 — 1 Comment

Most of my blogs seem to start out with, “its been a while hasn’t it?”

This one started out with “most of my blogs seems to start out….” which is in fact totally different.

But not by much.

Not too much has transpired in the life and times of Nate Claiborne, except for the now occassional third person reference.

Other than that, just living the dream, working 3 jobs (sometimes 4), going to school, and rocking out with the windows down when the weather allows.

Speaking of rocking out, its probably time for some kind of updated list of current music. Very heavy in rotation right now:

  • Once Nothing “First Came the Law”
  • The Mars Volta “The Bedlam in Goliath”
  • Kings of Convenience “Quiet is the New Loud”
  • Athlete “Beyond the Neighbourhood”
  • Minus the Bear “Menos El Oso”
  • Oh Sleeper “When I am God”

Over the weekend, I had the idea to start writing about music, not so much in the above way but in a more philosophical way. Everything for me tends to break down into musical analogies and philosophical dialogue, so why not combine the two. Some of it probably had to with reading Aristotle “On the Soul” (or De Anima if you prefer) and listening to some rather heart stirring music (it was the above Mars Volta if I remember correctly). I realized how much, to use a somewhat lame metaphor, certain albums from my past pull at my heart strings. In wanting to dig into that a little deeper, I started thinking through how to verbalize it somewhat, or at least carefully analyze it so as to not ruin its mystery, but at least make it a little more accessible to others so I am not perpetually in my own little world of music, isolated from the rest of the culture I currently live in and engage on a daily basis.

I will not dogmatically so no one really connects with me in this respect, but in recent past (i.e. since high school) I have used the albums of the current season of my life to create an emotional road map that could be traveled again at a later date. For instance, the soothing melodies on “Eria Tarka” from The Mars Volta’s debut Deloused in the Comatorium,¬† immediately take me back to the beaches of Florida circa 03/04. The chorus of “The Ocean” from Mae’s Everglow brings back memories of spring semester in New York, and song that all too many people chose to belt out in between class sessions. The opening onslaught of “Your Little Surburbia Is In Ruins” from August Burns Red’s debut Thrill Seeker puts me on a cloudy Pensacola beach, early in the morning on a rather emotionally stirring road trip. Even Between the Buried and Me’s magnum opus Colors takes me back to last semester and cramming furiously for a Horrell exam.

All said, its easy for me to get lost in my own history at times, especially having some points to share with so many different people, but no one really to tell the whole story to; but I try to avoid getting too entangled in my own personal history. Music though, for better or worse, is a part of my life, more so I think than most people, although I am not denying that many of you who will read this could do an even more detailed smattering of songs and life moments similar to the above. It is though intrinsically tied to my memory of my past few years of life, and as such, my album collection could very easily be sorted autobiographically rather than alphabetically, but apple has yet to add that as an option in music customization.

Maybe one day…


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I'm an avid reader, musician, and high school Bible teacher living in central Florida. I have many paperback books and our house smells of rich glade air freshners. If you want to know more, then let's connect!

One response to Somewhat of an update…

  1. I haven’t even finished reading this post,
    I just wanted to tell you how happy I was
    to see Once Nothing on your list. I really
    love those guys, but not very many people
    seem to know about them.

    oh, and when’s a good time to call and catch up?

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