So here’s the story…Part XI

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As a Word document on my computer, this story is about to enter its 28th page and its now 11th part. And just think, I don’t we’ve actually even gotten to the actual part where the magic happens yet (although we haven’t proceeded entirely chronologically). So anyway, here is part XI.

We’re dissing strict chronology again and talking about Ali’s trip here to Dallas, what is now 2 weeks ago. It was her birthday, and like anyone else who has a birthday, her first thought was of course, “What would a birthday be unless it’s spent in Dallas?” Precisely. So come the Wednesday night before she boarded a plane to come visit and that way could ensure that she witnessed the joys of a 745am Hebrew class immediately followed by a 910 Greek class. Such has been my life since last August.

I’ll spare you the details of that part of the story and just fast forward to Friday when I was free from sitting in class and teaching (at least temporarily). Unlike her last trip to Dallas in February, we actually got out of the room a little bit more, although we did manage to watch pretty much the whole 2nd season of Arrested Development. On Friday we checked out and filled out an application for an apartment, which we did get accepted for, but in the meantime, changed plans are actually now going to be living elsewhere (Trails at White Rock, google it). Ali got to share the joys of ear candling with Abby and we had a rather intense, but good pre-marital session later that night. And that was Friday for you.

On Saturday, we headed up to Frisco so Ali could see the Starbucks that I work at like once a month, and we had the joy of getting to roam around Super Target with a scan gun to fill out our wedding registry there. It was during this activity that the highlight of the trip happened. Knowing what I happened to know about decorative options for the bathroom available at Target (don’t ask why I knew), I took an opportunity while Ali’s back was turned to rush off and scan a whole bathroom ensemble of penguin accessories. She of course caught me, but after some robust dialogue, it was decided the penguin items could stay and that they would adorn the 2nd bathroom. So if you come visit, and need to use the facilities, you can pee freely in the presence of numerous penguins.

After the joys of that excursion, and a subsequent lunch that was both delicious and free for Ali (since she spotted a fly in her burger, way to go babe!) we headed back down to Dallas for my semi-annual recital for my students. Ali got to meet several of my students and their families, although the A/C could have used some encouragement while we were there. There wasn’t much energy left after that was all said and done, so we headed back home and I think watched a movie, or Arrested Development and then headed off to our separate beds (in separate apartments, just to clarify).

Sunday of course was Ali’s birthday and we celebrated by first going to church and then lunch with my friend Jason and his girlfriend Tiana. We had the privilege of telling our story again, although I let Ali do most of the telling since there was not time for me to tell the story (can you imagine me opening up my laptop and starting back at the beginning?). After ward, we supplemented our Target registry further and then headed back down to Dallas and later on got together with friends for a brief meet-and-greet/birthday party minus cake and singing. All and all, a great way to wrap up the day and the weekend (although it may lack an exciting description).

The next day unfortunately Ali had to head back to Orlando and I had to resume normal life and dig my heels in to finish out the semester. Sad in many ways, but the thought of seeing each other again in just a little over three weeks helped to drain a little of the depression out. It mirrored in many ways her original trip to Dallas, but unfortunately we haven’t gotten to that part of the story yet, so you’ll just have to bear in mind how this trip went from Wednesday to Monday and involved varied activities for when we get to that part of the story, which just as an estimate is probably like part 15. As for the next part, it’ll be up later this week and roughly corresponds to what was going on in my life this time last year. And because of that, it might be rather tricky to relay it. But that hasn’t stopped me before, so until then…


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