So here’s the story…It’s actually just beginning

July 30, 2009 — 1 Comment

You might be interested in the background of the above video, it is certainly quite the story.

The day after Christmas, Matt and I drove down from TN to FL and I saw Ali for the first time since October. It had been tortuously long (although I realize others have had much longer separations) and it was great to see her and know what I knew was about to happen.

On this particularly day, I think it was a Monday (the 29th), we decided to head over to Word of Life for the day and see some friends and whatnot, so Ali headed over to pick me up from her parents house and we were off. I should mention though that her day started off at roughly 630-700am with getting pulled over for speeding, luckily she didn’t get a ticket, but this wasn’t quite the best way to begin.

Also, she particularly hates the shirt she was wearing but had just grabbed it not thinking anything significant was taking place. I reminded her we were getting some pictures taken and encouraged her to change, but she was already not in the best mood and just wanted to get on the road (and from now on she decided it best to listen to subtle hints like this, especially when they are mentioned multiple times).

So we continued on. We picked up Matt and Melissa (who actually shot the video in question) and made our way over, only to get pulled over again right outside Word of Life for some sort of weird vehicle inspection or checkpoint or something. It was stupid. We made it there though and Matt, Todd, and I had some guy time (which annoyed Ali just a bit further). We did actually talk about important things, but we were also scoping out the best spot (and lighting) for the pictures and of course the engagement.

When the time was right Ali came back over and I suggested we get some pictures taken since Todd had a pretty sweet camera (which if you’re at the wedding and something looks like a sweet picture, that’s because Todd took it), and we of course had no “proof” of being together since we basically started dating right before Ali left and hadn’t seen each other since.

So the stage was set and the ring was starting to burn a hole in my pocket. I had to figure out how to get it out in a non-obvious manner. This took place once we got in the position you see us in at the start of the video, the ring of course in my hands. I kept poking her in the stomach but to no avail (and this actually further annoyed her, if you’re keeping score we have grubby clothes, being pulled over twice, and irritation at “guy time” taking too long, and now I’m poking her instead of paying attention to the camera). I was starting to wonder if this was going to work and was positive she could feel by heart-rate accelerating in her back.

Finally, I just whispered “Hey look down.” At which point the ring box was opened and well, you can pretty much figure things out from there. Melissa had a habit of randomly filming things so Ali thought nothing of the fact that she had been filming this whole ordeal. Todd is quick on the draw camera wise so we almost have the whole seen caught in continuous video footage and an almost frame by frame account by Todd.

Most of what has happened since then you’ve read about here, the next time we saw each other was the trip in February which is accounted for, as well as spring break. We also saw each other in April and I was back out for a week in late May when we went to Sea World and played with a penguin among other things.

Mid June and late June we saw each other more and finally a couple of weeks ago after Ali’s last day at work she drove up and met me in Tennessee with the remainder of her possession and we moved all of it out to our new apartment in Dallas. I had moved in at the first of the month and within a couple of weeks Ali was basically moved in as well. Once it was all in order and we had rested up, Ali headed back to Orlando to start cracking on last minute wedding details and the following Tuesday (as in two day ago), I made the long trek from Dallas to Orlando (maintaining my record of 1151 miles in under 17.5hrs).

Like I said, it always revolves around road trips. This time last year I made the Dallas to central Florida drive and that set in motion the events ultimately leading to Ali and I falling in love and deciding to get married, and now exactly a year later I make the same drive and this time to marry her.

So, two days from now at 2pm at the Longwood Event Center, Ali and I will become legally and spiritually husband and wife. And for that, the story really is just beginning, this has just been the prologue (and you thought I couldn’t possibly be even more verbose). Here’s to an incredible story that really is only just starting to unfold. Who knows where the journey will take us? At least you can count on having a rather thorough account of it whatever it might be (if I used emoticons, this is where I would put a winking one). So until after we get back from the honeymoon (which will not be included in the story telling, beyond a short ambiguous summary) we’ll wait for more story to unfold.


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  1. Proposals are fun – and you even have it on video – sweet

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