Should I be in class right now?

March 5, 2010 — Leave a comment

In the past five days, I have probably eaten more bananas than I have in the past five years.

Just thought you should know.

In case you’re wondering though, it is part of larger effort spearheaded by Ali and I to eat more fruit.

This weekend, we are going on somewhat of a fruit fast (wish me luck with that).

Luckily, dinner does not count as part of the fast.

Coincidentally, this rise in bananas has also occurred with a rise in blogging.

More bananas = more blogging?

We may never really know.

Speaking of “B” words…this semester I’ve tried my hand at branding a look.

Every day of class I’ve worn a sweater (one of four colors) over a shirt and tie (a dress shirt with no sleeves of course).

The unexpected consequence is that I think it makes my absence more noticeable in a class where the professor doesn’t know my name.

Like right now for instance, I bet Dr. Kreider is wondering where the guy in the sweater who sits on the inside aisle of the fourth row is.

Answer: I’m skipping class in the library and blogging instead of studying for Hebrew.


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