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It’s days like this that help me keep my past connected with the present.

What started out as a rather overcast day that reeked of banality slowly turned into the kind of day that naturally evokes a mixture of emotions.

It’s starting to become obviously spring here, which I’m sure will eventually shift into summer (probably before the month is over) and of course that makes me think back to this time last year.

Not long after spring semester ended last year, I embarked on a rather ambitious roadtrip to reconnect with old friends and actually ended up making a few new ones in the process. I would say just read my myspace blog for the details, but that was deleted long ago (although the blogs are still extant)

Like all good road trips, it had its particular soundtrack which included predominantly, but wasn’t limited to:

  1. And the Glass Handed Kites courtesy of Mew
  2. Boys and Girls in America courtesy of The Hold Steady
  3. Twilight courtesy of Future of Forestry
  4. Strange Education courtesy of The Cinematics
  5. All the Houses Look the Same courtesy of Deas Vail
  6. Fear of Blank Planet courtesy of Porcupine Tree (purchased en route)

Albums of course which were all rather new to me last April and defined both the month and the trip for me, usually revolving around the weather.

So whether its thinking back to a bright April morning and The Hold Steady, or a grey rainy sky and Porcupine Tree, today felt of times gone by.

By afternoon, it had started to feel rather May-ish, probably why the light hits just right in the afternoon trees driving north up Preston Road outside Highland Park.

May of course last year, was defined not only by Don Quixote and the first taste of freedom in a long while, but these as well:

  1. On Letting Go by Circa Survive
  2. Magnetic North by Hopesfall
  3. Manipulator by Fall of Troy
  4. Lost Ocean by Lost Ocean

We haven’t even made it to last summer proper yet, but I’m sure memories will start surfacing all the more vividly as detoxing from the semester commences in a few weeks. I’m sure the trip to Liberty will be more than nostalgic as I finally formally graduate college, but more importantly go back to the first stop in the new Journey that was started around this time a year ago.

Oh and did I mention Chuck Norris is our commencement speaker? Tell me that is not irony at its finest.

At any rate, I wish I could stay in touch better with all the people I’ve gotten to know so well over the past four years (or more) of school. Just know that, in however a mystical (or corny) way, when I listen to the albums that defined certain times in my life, if you were apart of it, you’re here with me all over again.


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