Resolved: To Pursue Musical Excellence in 2012

January 3, 2012 — Leave a comment

Though I haven’t talked abundantly about music here in the past, this coming year it will probably become more of a conversation topic. Part of this is because, judging from the feedback on How To Worship When You Think the Songs Suck, people like to talk about music.

Even though it wasn’t the main point of the article, or even the conclusion, I think I got the most pushback on the claim that songwriters/musicians are best qualified to critique a song. I probably need to address this further in at least a couple of posts, but in the meantime, let’s talk resolutions.

In the past (i.e. high school, early college), I was fairly disciplined when it came to honing my musical skills. Leading up to my senior recital, I was practicing piano for close to an hour a day. I kept up the practice routine pretty well the following year when I was just hanging out writing and recording music, and even into to college I was still pretty diligent.

Once seminary started however, practicing, much less playing for fun, fell by the wayside. I’ve made some strides over the last several months to recover the routine, but in this coming year, I’d like to more overtly focus on developing my musical gifts and talents.

Because I’ve accrued extensive abilities on several instruments, it is easy, especially in praise and worship contexts, to just kind of slide by. In other words, what is sloppy for me when it comes to playing a song is actually pretty good and wouldn’t be noticed by most people. But, when it comes down to it, I should be pursuing excellence, not because people will necessarily notice, but because God has gifted me to do so and it brings him glory.

So, that’s why I’ve phrased the resolution the way I have. I want this year to pursue excellence in my roles in the praise band at our church (which so far has included drums, piano, and electric guitar) which means developing practice routines for those instruments throughout the week to continue to improve my abilities. As an extension of that, I’d like to renew my songwriting activities and maybe have enough material to record another album sometime later this year (we’ll see about this though).

If you would like an idea about where I’m coming from musically, you might want to head on over to Facebook and “Like” my band page there (for reasons why I call my project “Third Element” see here.)

And, as a bonus, for this week only, you can download any one (or more) of my 3 albums for free! You can always stream them for free, but just this week only you can download the music for no charge. It’s my way of saying thanks for reading, and also thanks for listening (and if you really enjoy it, I’d appreciate you passing it on!)

So, head on over to Facebook, like my page, listen to my music, and let me know what you think!

In the meantime, I’m gonna get back to practicing…


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