Resolutions Review: 2 Month Report Card

March 8, 2013 — Leave a comment

If you remember way back in the beginning of the year, I posted about my first quarter 90-day challenge. Ideally, it would be better to review every month or so, but the beginning of February was unusually hectic, so here I am 2 months in doing some re-evaluation. I thought I’d reproduce by challenge below, accompanied by a self-grade:


  • Implement a prayer plan using The Valley of Vision (D+) – I’ve been spending more time in prayer, but not with Valley of Vision
  • Drop Facebook for a month (A-) – I pretty much stayed off Facebook for January, and have been less distracted in February as well
  • Do Insanity with Ali (F) – This didn’t happen at all and it seemed like all January and February, one or both of use was consistently fighting off some sickness
  • No fried food or coke (B-) – I was pretty good with this for January, I’ve loosened up since then, but am still keeping intake of both of these to a minimum


  • No new book purchases (A+) – I only technically bought 1 book, but I had pre-ordered it back in the fall
  • Make no new book review requests (B+) – I stuck with this pretty close in January, but as you saw last Wednesday, I did make a few requests
  • Watch my Logos Learn to Use Biblical Greek and Hebrew videos (F) – Haven’t even touched these
  • Write one original blog post per week (A) – I managed to tone down the reviews and include at least some original content on a weekly basis


  • Write one handwritten thank you note per week (D-) I’ve done a few, but definitely not as many as I’d like
  • Complete my application for teaching with Liberty University online (A, sort of) I haven’t completed this one, but I’ve done three others
  • Start evening devotions with Ali and read Delighting In The Trinity together (F) – Really no excuses, this just hasn’t been happening
  • Establish my already planned out discipleship routine (B+) – Overall, I’ve integrated several regular discipleship meetings into my schedule

Averaging each of these areas out would be kind of pointless. It’s worth noting though that each area has an A and a F. I didn’t really have any C’s which means I’ve either done fairly well with the goal, or fairly horrible, which for me, sounds about right.

So, what’s the lesson here?

Well, it looks like I can generally only focus on doing one new thing (or at most two) in each area well. For the things that I didn’t do so well in, I now know what to focus on over the next month. Perhaps I may even make them the sole focus of quarter 2 rather than adding additional goals.

The other lesson is that it’s perfectly ok to resolve to do something and then fail at it. I’m not beating myself up but instead focusing on why I failed so I can give it another go. I’m also being thankful for the areas that I did see improve, and acknowledging that any success there is not because I’m good at self-effort and moral resolve, but because God gives more grace.

For now though, I’m focusing on getting back on track after taking a sick weekend. At least I got sick a few weeks before spring break instead of during…


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