Reading Group Warmup: Apologetics to the Glory of God

To get the ball rolling on the reading group idea I mentioned last Friday, we’re reading John Frame’s Apologetics to the Glory of God. Part of this is because it’s a shorter book, and a good introduction to apologetics in a presuppositional vein. The other reason is that we’ll be reading John Frame’s Doctrine of the Knowledge of God in January and this is a good warm-up for that particular book.

Starting this Saturday, we’re discussing chapters 1-2.

I’ll post some thoughts later this week and if you’re interested in joining us, just chime in on the comment section.

Next week we’re skipping ahead just a bit and covering chapter 6-7.

The following week we’ll go back and chapters 3-5.

We’ll use chapter 8 for remote discussion over Christmas break since I don’t think at this point we’ll be meeting up on Christmas eve, but hey, we just might.

The first Saturday in January we’ll start working our way through Frame’s Doctrine of the Knowledge of God and sometime soon I’ll post the schedule for working through that book.

I’ve been thinking through ideas for a name for the group, and finally settled on one. But you’ll have to wait until Friday to get the details on that.

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