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March 26, 2014 — 6 Comments


Yesterday, I wrapped up a look at Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy. It’s not the only review series I’ve got going, and it’s not the first I’ve done involving a multiview book. Previously, I did Five Views on Justification. I’ve also done single reviews of Biblical Hermeneutics: Five ViewsFour Views On The Apostle PaulGod and Morality: Four ViewsUnderstanding Spiritual Warfare: Four Views, and Four Views on The Role of Works At The Final Judgment. Next month, I’m starting a similar series on Four Views on The Historical Adam.

Recently, I sent a request to IVP Academic to get some older titles from their Spectrum Multiview series. Though I shouldn’t have been surprised, they were kind enough to send along all five that I asked for:

At this point, I’ve finished most of the reading for Four Views on The Historical Adam and am going to spread it out over the month of April, along some other related reviews. It’s kind of a themed month, but only because my reading has matched up well.

What I’m offering you is a bit of say in what I read during April in order to do a review week during May (or June). I’ve got this stack of books on my desk and want to dig in, but I don’t have a preference which one I get after first. So, if you do, and would like to see a series review of one of these sooner rather than later, let me know in the comments. I would say first comment wins, but we’ll just see how things go and maybe who makes the best case.


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6 responses to Pick The Next Series Review

  1. Man, I’d love either Divine Foreknowledge, Predestination & Free Will, or the Nature of the Atonement. That’s a hard choice for me!

  2. What difference does Lindsay’s opinion make if God already knows what book you’re going to review?! 😉

    • Maybe my comment was the means that God planned to use to achieve His predestined plan!

      • I think that just might be right. Also, for some reason your comment went to my spam folder. Not sure if that counts against your argument or not…

  3. “Christian Spirituality”. It is a very misunderstood subject that many people believe they already understand.

  4. Looks like a tie, someone needs to cast a deciding vote.

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