Philosophy Friday: Let’s Talk About Worldviews

February 7, 2014 — 2 Comments


Back in the day, I started a very ambitious blog series on philosophy. It was a bit too much. I didn’t particularly care about post length and so was just kind of thinking out loud. If you’re interested (and even if you’re not), here’s the posts:

Seminary got busier, and I realized the project wasn’t really going anywhere. Times have changed now, and I’ve been doing a lot more philosophy reading lately to gear up for Ph.D entrance exams. As part of that, I’d like to get back into blogging about philosophy, and we’ll it just fits Fridays.

This time around, rather than give you my thoughts on worldviews, I’d like to commend you James Anderson’s newest book What’s Your Worldview. There are several reviews floating around (not literally), and I’m sending one off to TGC later today. I liked the book so much I took advantage of the sale at Westminster and ordered them for my apologetics students. We had probably one of our best class discussions yesterday, and we really only scratched the surface.

To give you some more food for thought on worldviews, their importance as well as their diagnosis, here are five posts that Anderson did over on the Crossway Blog:

This is only scratching the surface, but it is a helpful head-start into the discussion. Much of the substance in these posts are expansions of the introductory material in Anderson’s book. His book is the best tool I’ve seen for the diagnosis aspect since it lays out the questions that need to be answered to construct a worldview. I could say more, but just read my review (when it posts).

As far as Fridays from here on out, I don’t have a plan for topics. I’m open to suggestions, but I’d like to keep posts in the 300-500 word range. Bigger topics would obviously take multiple posts. If you’d like to talk philosophy though, this is now the place. In the meantime, let me know what you think about Anderson’s posts and his book if you’ve got it!


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2 responses to Philosophy Friday: Let’s Talk About Worldviews

  1. Looking forward to this Philosophy Fridays! What kind of doctorate are you planning to work on and what school?

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