On The Blog in April (Or, Why I’m Not Really Blogging)


Earlier this year, I started doing an “On The Blog This Month” post. Today would normally be that day. However, I got behind last month on my plans and most likely won’t turn that around this month. There’s a few reasons for this.

First off, I probably went to a few too many spring training games. Six to be exact, although half of them were rained out (thanks Florida!). I had a fairly solid run during my spring break though. I saw a Braves-Phillies game (or most of one) at the Braves stadium at ESPN Wide World of Sports. Then, I was able to get an Astros-Nationals game at the Astros complex, which has the best seats for the money (see picture). Two days late I made it to a Nationals-Braves game at the Nationals stadium, which was not entirely impressive. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was the last season for both the Nationals and Astros in central Florida. They’re both moving south to share a complex in Palm Beach County. Lame.

Second, this Thursday, Ali and I are headed to California to chaperon the senior trip for the school I teach at. It’s been about 15 years or so since I was in the Bay Area and even longer since I was able to go to Yosemite. The second week of April is when our school does testing for grades 1-11, so I’m normally off. Last year that meant going to TGC for free, and the year before it was T4G in Louisville and working out some details for a Ph.D program I ultimate dropped out of. I could have road tripped up to Louisville again. Or, I could go to California for a week for free. For an additional $11, Ali could go too because they needed more chaperons, she had vacation, and I had miles. Easiest decision in a long time.
In light of all that, I probably won’t be doing too much blogging the rest of this month.  I’m simultaneously anxious and looking forward to not having books, a laptop, or potentially reliable internet for just over a week. I opted not to try to draft out posts ahead and probably won’t feel a compulsion to “catch up” when I get back. I’ve got a hefty stack of read and needing to be reviewed books. Maybe I’ll post on that before I leave and whatever seems most interesting will get reviewed first when I get back.

Lastly, I’ll be focused on some other personal writing projects which may or may not terminate in blog posts. I was hoping to be able to announce what it is for in this post, but it’ll need to wait until next month’s post most likely. April will be a very busy month for a variety of reasons (travel, wife’s birthday, second Underoath show, Death Cab, etc.). Hopefully it winds down a bit in May, but then there’s graduation and feeling all the feels that go with that. I still want to maintain somewhat of blogging regimen, but it’ll be touch and go for the next 6 weeks. At least now you know why!

Author: Nate

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