[Obligatory Blog Post About Gay Marriage]

March 27, 2013 — 2 Comments

Yesterday afternoon, I drafted out a long blog post detailing why I’m for marriage inequality (on inequality in general, see this). Last night, I engaged in a little Facebook dialoguing on a friend’s status update. I decided two things after doing so:

  • I want to re-frame my argument in light of the objections the atheist brought up
  • I don’t want to do that this week

Instead of reading the post I would have put up today, I offer you this:

Rather than my original post from yesterday, read this better post explaining why the arguments for gay marriage are persuasive. I think it puts the whole thing into better perspective. DeYoung lists 5 reasons:

  • It’s about progress
  • It’s about love
  • It’s about rights
  • It’s about equality
  • It’s about tolerance

When put this way, you can see how it strikes people as pretty wrong-headed to oppose any of these. And by opposing gay marriage, many in society see you as opposing all of these.  You can click through to the article to see how DeYoung thinks we should respond. My 2 cents is that in the end, gay marriage will most likely be legalized (though probably not by the current Supreme Court cases) and anyone who says negative things about it will be labelled hateful (they like to throw that word around a lot). However, as Christians, we ought to care more about what God thinks about our moral and political ideas than what our surrounding culture thinks about them.

After today though, I’m putting a moratorium on discussing the matter for the rest of the week. Several reasons play into this (I don’t have time, I don’t care enough, I’d rather do other things). But most importantly, I was reminded by Matthew Anderson’s status this morning:

Sure, this is a kind of Jesus Juke, but at the same time it’s a good reminder (you should have seen it coming anyway). Everybody seems to be getting all riled up about the whole thing, but the issue will still be there next week. I’d rather take the time to refocus on what this week is really about, and spend my time and attention on something for more significant than either a Supreme Court decision or a prevailing cultural opinion.

Maybe next week I’ll publish the re-worked blog post, but maybe not. At least you can count on a couple of book reviews right?


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2 responses to [Obligatory Blog Post About Gay Marriage]

  1. Nate, great reminder. I too was going to pluck out a post but specifically aimed at Christians and poor arguments in favor. I think you’re projections are right and your recommendations on focus, sound.

    • Thanks Lisa, I think what you’re talking about will prove to be a valuable post, but I’m glad we were given the grace to remember there other things better thought about this week!

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