Nothing Is Impossible With God

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I was initially hesitant to take part in this blog tour for Nothing Is Impossible With God. Not because I lack enthusiasm for most New Growth Press releases, but rather I wasn’t sure if I’d really connect with the book. Consider the description:

No one likes to feel weak. Just thinking about our inadequate resources can fill us with fear and hopelessness. But Rose Marie Miller has a different perspective. For her, true weakness is a gift born out of a deep sense of need, it drives us to Christ and unleashes all the redeeming energy of God’s grace in our lives and others.

Rose Marie Miller, a living example of God’s power in weakness, weaves together biblical insights and personal experience and shares a new, gospel-driven way of living where the way up is down, the weak become strong, and the dead receive life. God, for whom nothing is impossible, uses weak people to change the world—and that includes you!

On first glace, this seemed like it was geared toward women readers, and my wife should be the one reading it. Thinking about it a little more, I decided I wanted to go ahead and join the tour and give it a read. After working through it though, I still think my wife should read it, but I definitely benefited from it as well.


The general layout of Nothing Is Impossible With God involves five parts:

  • Rediscovering the Gospel (3 chapters on Miller’s testimony and spiritual formation)
  • Facing Loss, Finding Life (4 chapters on the spiritual and physical journey Miller was taken on following her husband’s death)
  • Learning to Pray (8 chapters on how Miller’s prayer life was grown through her new stage in life)
  • God of The Impossible (4 chapters on a how 4 women in the Bible confronted the impossible)
  • The Ongoing Story (4 chapters connecting Miller’s experience of power through weakness)

I resonated most with the chapters on learning to pray. It is definitely an area I need to grow in, and reading Miller’s journey in her prayer life gave me much to think about. In this section, Miller guides us through the biblical entryway into prayer (the Lord’s Prayer) and then onward to Paul’s teaching on prayer in Romans 8, as well as offering a chapter just on the various prayers in his letters. We learn about prayer as a spiritual battle, and Miller even gives insights into praying the Psalms. She concludes with a chapter on learning to pray like a child, praying prayers that are full of simplicity and confidence in our heavenly Father. It is definitely a part of the book, I’ll be revisiting sooner rather than later.

If you’re a guy reading this, you might think you could just skip over the section that deals with the stories of four women. I think women may resonate more with the stories, but the stories of Eve (who believed an impossible lie), Sarah (who believed an impossible promise), Hannah (who prayed an impossible prayer), and Mary (who was given an impossible task) are in the Bible for men and women, and Miller’s presentation of their stories gives much food for thought. Her perspective and accumulated wisdom on these stories will add value to all readers.


The book is very autobiographical and full of personal anecdotes. Several of the chapters are based on talks that the author has given and so they have the polish of many years of refinement. Given that, this book is an easy read, but it should definitely be a slow read. Not because the material is hard to grasp, rather I think the temptation would be to just breeze through it because the author’s voice and stories help the book flow so smoothly. However, because of the depth of wisdom that Miller presents on learning to depend on God in the midst of weakness, as well as her stellar chapters on prayer (that will have immediate applications for just about everyone!), you’ll want to read it in short bursts. It helps that the chapters themselves are rather short and to the point, so it may even make a good devotional for many people to spread out over the better part of a month.

I’m really looking forward to my wife reading it, and then talking through some of the material with her. Though I do think women will resonate overall more with this book, it is definitely not “chick lit” but is a book that imparts wisdom that the entire body of Christ can benefit from!

So, just like last week, I’ve got 2 copies to giveaway! You can fill in the form here below, and you’ll be entered to win 1 of the 2 available copies. Winners will be contacted through email after the giveaway ends.

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[You’re reading this review of Nothing Is Impossible With God: Reflections on Weakness, Faith, and Power because I’m taking part in a blog tour put on by New Growth Press and was provided with an advance PDF!]


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  1. I want to learn how to help people when they are going through grief, I am interested in the author’s life story too.

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