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March 21, 2011 — Leave a comment

In case you missed it, I missed posting an “in case you missed it” on Friday.

Mainly, this was because I was busy with getting a paper ready that I presented at the Southwest Regional Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society.

That, and I placed a priority on reading out by the pool (it was Spring Break after all).

The paper I presented was titled, “Using John Frame’s Triperspectival Theological Methodology in Film Analysis,” which sounds more complex than it really is. I’ll try to post it in serial form on the blog over the next few weeks. It’s based on the first two chapters of my thesis, which is culminating in an interaction with Inception.

While at ETS, I picked up a couple of books, taking advantage of what I thought were killer deals. Instead, 40% off referred to the list price, not the price marked. In the end this made them slightly cheaper than Amazon, but not really such a stellar deal. Anyway, I picked up:

They’ll have to wait a bit to be worked through, but I may read the latter sooner rather than later since it somewhat relates to my thesis. It’s got a bit of cue line though to push its way through before I can focus on it.

For some links I would have pointed you to over the weekend:

In other news, I’ve had a bit of a change of heart regarding Horton’s The Christian Faith, but we’ll get to that tomorrow maybe.

In case you did miss it though, here are my posts from last week:


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