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Most everyday, I go through several RSS feeds in Google Reader and share items that I think are important to read for those of use pursuing the Christian life seriously. I thought it might help to highlight some of those postings here on the blog, and so here we are.

Over at Parchment and Pen, Michael Patton gives his thoughts about prohibiting alcohol. His conclusion is worth highlighting:

In the end, these things must be dealt with carefully and with much wisdom. We must understand that the possible abuse of something neither makes the abuse necessary or even likely. Most importantly, we must recognize that it is a sinful compromise to deem that which is not sinful sinful, due to misapplied folk theology, no matter how good our intentions are. Drinking alcohol is not sinful. Let us get over this legalistic fascination and represent the principle truly and with perspective.

You can read the rest to see how he arrives at that conclusion.

Earlier this year, Al Mohler gave a talk defending young earth creationism at a national conference and ruffled some feathers over at BioLogos. Justin Taylor provides a helpful synopsis of the conversation that has ensued. While I no longer see the need to advocate the young earth part of creationism, this is an important conversation taking place in the public square, and I would tend to side with Mohler in this instance, especially given his integrity in the situation and the lack thereof on the other side. how this particular debate has played out exposes some of the intentions of those at BioLogos, as pointed out by some important comments from Denny Burk and Phillip Johnson.

Here are some shorter highlights I found worth noting:


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