My 90 Day Challenge For Winter 2013

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Rather than shoot for year long plans, I’m doing quarterly goals this year. This means using a 90-day challenge, and within that having clear action items. And as the comic above illustrates, while survival is much more achievable (and concrete) over the course of a year, it’s not really a resolution in any meaningful sense.

In my list below, there won’t be a direct correspondence between every action item and every resolution. Some resolutions have only a single action item attached to them this quarter. Some have multiple items. But, that’s all because the resolutions for the year aren’t all tackled right off the bat. And, trying to make a whole bunch of radical changes all at once isn’t a good idea.

So, starting today, here’s what my 90-day challenge will looks like this quarter:



  • No new book purchases (Amazon gift cards acceptable)
  • Make no new book review requests (except for the standing Crossway monthly)
  • Watch my Logos Learn to Use Biblical Greek and Hebrew videos
  • Write one original blog post per week (book reviews are derivative)


  • Write one handwritten thank you note per week
  • Complete my application for teaching with Liberty University online
  • Start evening devotions with Ali and read Delighting In The Trinity together
  • Establish my already planned out discipleship routine (more on that later)

If you’re keeping score, this makes 7 daily or weekly positive action items, 4 negative actions items, and 1 one time project. I’ll flesh out my reasoning behind some of these the rest of the week, but here’s what my goals for this first 90 days are going to look like.

What about you?

What are some things you want to do differently this year?

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