MuteMath: Armistice

October 3, 2011 — Leave a comment

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Tomorrow, MuteMath releases their third studio album, Odd Soul. Today, on our alphabetical trek through my iTunes library, we come to their second album, Armistice. This album, takes us back to fall (like their first will when we come to it), and specifically, fall of 2009.

This was a particularly special time for me as it was my first semester in seminary after Ali and I got married. We also moved into an apartment complex over in the White Rock lake area of Dallas with some friends of ours. We chose moving away for community and ended up having our friends Abby and Chelsea in an apartment in our same complex as well as several guys from my small group living one building over.

Because of all of this, I now had a commute to school when I had class and the soundtrack for that commute through much of the early fall was MuteMath’s Armistice. Because of this, the album is cemented in my minds as an early morning wake-up call. Its something you listen to when you’re trying to get jazzed up for the day and it definitely gets the job done.

For those who aren’t aware, MuteMath puts on quite the live show. I’ve had the privilege of seeing them several times. Two of those times were in Dallas, one before this album and one after it, and two more came in Knoxville at a small theater and the other in Charlottesville. Each time was more intense than the last and if you see one band live this fall, make it MuteMath. Just to give you a teaser from their new album and see some of their creativity in action, here’s their newest video which they filmed in less than 24hrs on a day off:

And just to give you another:

So, needless to say, MuteMath easily brings the excitement to a live show and a small taste of that spills over into their recordings. You can’t really get the full picture until you’ve seen them live for yourself. This album for me will always be a “wakeup on the way to class” kind of an album and make me think of the good times we had early in our marriage in our very first apartment as well as the time we had with the people in our community that year.


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