What Am I Listening To?

Music has been a substantial part of my life, basically since I was coherent. I used to play rockstar when I was little, got a drum set when I was 5 (which I didn’t learn to play for real until 8 years later) and started taking piano lessons when I was 7 (which I didn’t quit until I moved away to go to college). I picked up guitar 7 years later, and started playing at church as the electric guitar player shortly after (a role I filled off and on for close to 10 years). I now make a living teaching private drum, guitar, and piano lessons. The irony being I have a college degree, but I’m making bank because my mom didn’t let me quit piano lessons 12 years ago (Thanks mom!). By technical accounts then, I’m a professional musician, as I get paid to play and to teach music (although gigs for play aren’t as frequent).

In high school, music was what kept me from getting into trouble, as I spent most of my free time hanging out with my friends Steven and David. We actually got to be pretty decent as a band, but geography prevailed against us (David moved away and got married, Steven and I went to school in Florida for a year). I actually took the year off after high school, after saving up some money, and then put together a recording studio in my attic. I then spent the year just hanging out and making music. Most of my best work writing comes from that time period, partly because I was so focused, and partly because I’ve basically been in college since then (8 straight years!)

The purpose then of this music page is to share music recommendations. Eventually, I’ll offer reviews as well as recommendations. Most of them won’t be for everyone, and many of the artists are not anything close to Christians (but then again, most of the movies we watch aren’t made by or for Christians either). But it is all, in my opinion at least, good music respective to its genre. So to the extent you think I’m qualified to offer music recommendations, you might find the pages here useful.

I decided to list them based on when they were in heavy rotation on my iPod (or CD player), but I may also put up a collection in terms of genre as well. For a genre listing to be helpful though, you have to allow for very broad categories. The problem one runs into is that if the categories are too broad, they aren’t helpful (I could just have one category: Rock); if they are too narrow, it becomes hard to classify. I may tinker with it more, but for now, I’m listing them seasonally. I’m also adding a list of albums that have made it for the long haul and have basically been in heavy rotation since I got them. Those are really the ones to check out.

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  1. When is “For The Record #2” coming out?

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