Music Monday: @mewithoutYou in Orlando Last Night

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For the sixth time, I saw mewithoutYou live last night. It was actually full circle last time I saw them because it was in St. Pete were I saw them for the first time on the Tooth & Nail tour in 2004. Last time I saw them was at the last ever Underoath show, but that was a couple of years ago, so I was due for another. They played songs from their latest an album as well as songs from 4 of their older ones, including classics like Torches Together, A Glass Can Only Spill What It Contains, and Four Word Letter (Pt. 2). They also played the spider trio from Brother, Sister.

Over at Christ and Pop Culture I wrote an article last week on the band, and frontman Aaron Weiss specifically:

The band’s most recent album, Pale Horses, continues the evolution. In some ways, Pale Horses represents mewithoutYou come full circle, which is fitting for band that once sang “all circles begin with an end, they come back around, they come back around again.” Lyrically, this is their most biblical album, as far as imagery goes. Musically, it’s a nice blend of all previous mewithoutYou incarnations. Spiritually, it draws from Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, but without a commitment to any one of them. Instead, the commitment is to a worldview of a different sort.

In addition to seeing them live last night, I was able to interview frontman Weiss before their set. I think we could have kept talking for a few more hours, but he had a show to put on. We talked about a wide range of ideas and experiences (speech act theory, perichoresis, spirit animals, marriage, to name a few), and I hope we’ll be able to have another conversation in the future. As for the one last night, I’ll tell you more about it in an upcoming article for Christ and Pop Culture, hopefully by the end of the month.


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