Momentary Digression

October 17, 2007 — 5 Comments

Autumn is finally setting in, or at least I hope it is. By Autumn of course, it just means the highs hover around 80ish as opposed to 90ish, but the air is nicer and we actually had some much needed rain, as well as a couple of nice cloudy days (something I would not usually crave, but after so many “nice” summer days, I could go for a week or two of overcast, misty, rainy days).

One thing that usually tags along with autumn -and this is key- squirrels.

Now, I have no idea how you feel about squirrels, or what you might think of a blog about squirrels, but the only I have to find out is to just throw this out there (and you can send it right on back if you like).

So…yes, squirrels. I’m not exactly sure why, but I feel the need to chase squirrels when the opportunity presents itself, which now just happens to be the campus of an esteemed school of higher learning. Its similar to the way I feel compelled to chase armadillos that I would see around the Word of Life Florida campus, with the only difference being I haven’t caught a squirrel yet (I let the armadillo go in case you were concerned, no harm done). At any rate, maybe its just my natural instincts kicking in and the squirrel would make a nice lean dinner. Probably not, but other excuses are not coming, so I’ll stick with that one.

The key with squirrel chasing is to find out which tree the particular squirrel is calling home at that time. He won’t venture too far from there, and its also where he will immediately run when he feels threatened. The strategy then is to subtly figure out which tree he is likely to dart towards, and then equally subtly, block his path.  Now this is in no way cruel, its more a practical joke on the squirrel. Squirrels mind you are not the most intelligent of rodents, its a little known fact that they inadvertently plant several million acres of forests each year from their misplaced acorns/nuts. So needless to say, the squirrel is more confused than anything not so much scared.

Anyway, this usually provides for amusing interactions with nature from time to time, although maybe the squirrels don’t find it so amusing, but again, they don’t seem to have the best memory. So far, no real harm has befallen them, except for that one that I ran over and then gave to someone as a birthday present (I’m from Tennessee, what did you expect?) But that’s the beginning of a whole different blog for a much different time. Probably one titled “Things I Did at Camp that Generally People Found Amusing.” But that’s not the title of this blog, so I’ll go ahead and stop here and start paying attention to the class I’m watching.


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5 responses to Momentary Digression

  1. dear dear dear mr. claiborne. that made me laugh.. a lot.. i’m sure i was too loud for study hours even. oh well. it made my day. something about the mental picture of you running around chasing squirrels…. on the Dallas campus. thank you.

  2. yep…that’s the mental picture i laughed at too…


    my favorite part is the family tree. maybe if you try really hard one will be named after you…just like Winston Churchill. Oh the possibilities…

  4. This, dear Nate, is why we’re friends. Thank you for making me laugh – a LOT.

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