Mission as God’s Glory

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From Disciple: Getting Your Identity From Jesus:

God’s mission, then, is writing his story through what he treasures. Since his glory is precious to him, his story centers on the declaration of his glory. His glory is reflected in his story through the very unfolding of the story as he is disclosed for who he is and what he does. God is on mission to declare his glory as gracious redeemer and sovereign ruler.

It is God on mission that allows us to comprehend the good things he has prepared for us.

It is God on mission when we experience his grace.

It is God on mission when we are agents of grace in the life of someone else.

It is God on mission when his glory is discerned or displayed.

Therefore, when we function according to our design as image bearers, we are in essence joining God on his mission by declaring, displaying, and discerning the glory of God. We are invited to join God on the mission of declaring his glory as image bearers, worshipers, and the people of God, and as those who bear witness to his transforming work in us by bearing his fruit of righteousness (John 15:1-8, Acts 1:8, Hebrews 12:7-11)

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(Quote from p. 160, emphasis and spacing mine)


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