Mew: And The Glass Handed Kites

September 20, 2011 — 2 Comments

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I’m not sure where I first heard of Mew, but sometime early 2007 I picked up their album And The Glass Handed Kites. Some people may be put off by the foreign-ness of Mew (they’re Danish) as often their lyrics do not translate well into English. However, I found their instrumentation choices interesting, their melodies catchy, and their songwriting to be well crafted.

This album for me, is a reminder of coming out of a fog. It is most clearly associated in my mind with spring 2007, which was both the twilight of my undergraduate studies through Liberty, as well as my relationship with Carrie, a girl I had worked with at Starbucks and then dated for about a year. By this time, I had firmly entrenched a habit of getting up early, even on days off, to go read at Starbucks while sitting outside and listening to my iPod.

I think the reason I got this Mew album actually had to do with the roadtrip I planned for the week off between my spring and summer classes. This was my way of wiping the slate clean after the breakup, getting away for some much needed time off, and re-connecting with friends from Word of Life. As per my usual custom, I got several new CDs for the trip, the album by Mew being one of them.

My first stop was Lynchburg, and this proved to be very pivotal in how the rest of my life would unfold (for reasons I describe here). I have a very distinct memory though of sitting outside the Lynchburg Starbucks on Wards Rd just down the hill from Liberty’s campus. I was sitting outside enjoying the fresh spring air, reading something, and listening to Mew.

Mew’s album then came to be associated in my mind with new beginnings, specifically with spring. This road trip represented a new beginning, one of the predominant soundtracks of the trip was Mew. In addition to Lynchburg, Mew makes me think of the end of the trip, which I spent in Ohio hanging out with friends from Word of Life in Findlay and at Cedarville¬†University. Spring was really taking off at this point, and I enjoyed the open roads of Ohio as well as some of the natural sights I was able to see.

One afternoon I spent taking some pictures with a friend, Nikki Green. I think I got some pretty good ones, but you can judge for yourself:

I’ve got more, but I think you get the picture. All in all, these are the images that spring to mind whenever I’m listening to Mew. That and how my friend Steven harasses my friend Jon by singing the opening lines of “Special,” but that is a different story altogether, one that will have to wait for another day.


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  1. Hey, my wife and I love this band. She’s particularly obsessed with the Zookeeper’s Son. I agree with her that not many songs capture fantasy and wonder quite like that one. I’m probably a bigger fan of their next album, with a title too long to post here!

    • Yeah I really dig that longer titled album you mentioned, as well as their recently released “best of” album (I think it’s called Eggs Are Funny or something ridiculous like that).

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