Metal Monday: Pomegranate Tiger and Intervals

December 14, 2015 — Leave a comment

I thought about doing a Christmas edition, but a couple of bands I follow came out with new releases recently, so we’ll get to the Christmas stuff next week. Pomegranate Tiger is the musical project of Martin Andres who plays both the guitars and drums on the newest release, Boundless. You can actually watch him do so for one of the songs in the following two videos:

Likewise, Intervals is the musical project of Aaron Marshall. The last release was full band and vocals, but it’s now returned to instrumental form. Unlike Anders though, Marshall just does all the guitar work and has some friends playing drums and bass. This particular song features a sax solo:

If you’ve been tracking with stuff I’ve posted on music or metal Monday, you’ve probably figured out that it’s mostly instrumental. That is because it’s what I mostly listen to and what I am have traditional written and recorded myself. I sometimes wonder what I’ve had produced by now if I had stuck with music through college instead of pursuing ministry instead. In some ways, this is a form of lament since it is a kind of loss, but in another way, it’s not something I’d necessarily go back and change. I’m glad I took the path that I did, but I’d like to make music a bigger part of my life in the coming years.


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