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May 1, 2012 — Leave a comment

Over the new couple of months, I want to progressively roll out some changes here on the blog. Ideally, these will benefit both my personal workflow and your reading experience. We’ll be taking a few turns, in both content and style, and I’d like to take you along for the ride. If you blog as well, you may find these guided changes even more helpful.

Top 10 Posts in April

Based on my stat sheet, these posts were the most interesting:

Two things I noticed looking at this list: (1) they are almost evenly divided between really recent posts and fairly old ones, and (2) they are mostly cultural in nature, either commenting on evangelical culture or pop culture. Anticipating that, I made some changes…

New Features

For starters, I re-did my categories. They were too vague as they stood to really be helpful. Instead of 10, there are now 20 categories, and I re-oriented them triperspectivally. The idea is that people generally interested in theology, exegesis, and apologetics will find the prophetic category the most enticing. Likewise, those who are more practical and people minded will find the priestly category the most interesting. Lastly, people who are interested in culture, both current and historical, as well as organization and method will find the kingly category the most helpful. To give you an idea what this all looks like, I split the categories along these lines:




There is also a category for Weekly Updates, which are essentially miscellaneous posts.

You may find yourself interested in categories in more than one division. That’s perfectly normal since clearly I write on topics in all three divisions, some more than others. For instance, the priestly division has the fewest categories, but it also has the category with the most posts in it (Practical Theology).

Likewise, I have the most total posts in the prophetic division, but my masters thesis is on two topics in the kingly division (Pop Culture and Theology & Triperspectivalism).

All of this is to say, this just seemed like a helpful way to split up my writing categories, and also to give you an idea of what you’ll find most interesting. It is also a way to make my categories more specific and targeted rather than the overly broad categorizations they used to be. They’re still somewhat broad, but the new ones are more to the point in their focus.

And secondary effect of all of this is that I eliminated two blog series: revamping Christian worship and perspectives on triperspectivalism. They are now just categories, which better fits the occasional nature of my posts on those topics. From now on, when I start a series, it will either be a clearly laid out review series with a book, or will be plotted out ahead of time so it doesn’t get orphaned half-way through.

For the latter, I’ve got two in mind for this summer, so keep an eye out for that!

Alternate Blog

Last of all, I should let you know here I started blogging at in tandem with this blog. It is a resurrection of both the ill-fated attempt to name this blog Words With Nate as well as getting back to more personal blogging. Not that I can’t get personal here, but think of it like this: Marturo is a more serious 9-5 sort of blog with book reviews, cultural commentary and other theological resources. Words With Nate is my nights and weekends blog that is mostly just a way to share humorous videos and pictures that don’t really have a place here. I’ll also probably start adding more life reflections and may even try out different writing styles.

If that interests you, then follow me there as well. Or, if you’re already following me on Twitter, you’ll see posts show up on there from time to time. Both here and there, I’m hoping to streamline the blogging process as well as maximize the blogging dividends for both of us. The end result will hopefully be more helpful/interesting/entertaining for you, and more profitable for me (in both tangible and non-tangible ways).

If you’d like to give feedback on where I’m taking things, this is your opportunity!

What do you think?


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