Marturo Collective Reading: Popologetics

May 31, 2012 — Leave a comment

After a brief hiatus, we’re picking back up with a book for the Marturo Collective. Since the focus has been on apologetics, and given that a) summer is upon us, and b) we all like movies and pop culture generally, Ted Turnau’s recently released Popologetics seems like a great choice.

I haven’t read through the book myself yet, though I’ve browsed it enough to know its a good one. It looks like the book I wish I could write and I am seeing similarities in Ted’s approach and what I wrote on in my thesis. I’ll comment more as we get further into the reading, but for now, I’ll let Ted explain the gist of his book himself (there’s also a preview on his site):

If you want to pick up a copy to follow along, or you’re here in Orlando and are joining us, go to either Amazon, or the RTS Bookstore. Right now the plan is to meet on Wednesday nights, and we’ll start hopefully next week!


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