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Originally, this was actually two blogs, both hosted on WordPress.com. I then moved the Marturo blog (marturo.wordpress.com) to a self-hosted site (the short lived metamarturo.com) before then settling on the present domain. I then imported by other WordPress.com blog and combined them into one. All the posts that were originally accessible on nathanielclaiborne.wordpress.com are now lurking in this blog under the category “Arriving Somewhere…” since that was the tagline of that blog.

That blog itself was an extension of my MySpace blog, which I had deleted after moving to Dallas (though the blog still exists in a Word document and might find its way on here). Moving to WordPress was both an advance in format and availability, but maybe not in terms of readability (as seen in the long ramblings of the early Marturo blog). In any case, all of this was an extension of my original foray into blogging through Xanga, back in the fall semester of my freshman year of college which was also the semester before Facebook launched. Back then everyone blogged and in my opinion, were more than just trivially connected through social media.

But alas, here we are now 7-8 years later. I should have realized everything could fit together in harmony, and just expanded my range of topics. My MySpace blog after all was theological and personal, but for some reason I felt the need to fracture things. I have since realized my error, but because of all the moving though, some posts were “lost in translation” and are at the bottom of the barrel as far as page views go. Just for your own interest, here are a list of various posts, broken down by category, that have gone relatively unnoticed in the present form of this blog. Pardon the hubris in some of the earlier posts (and I’m sure still lurking in current ones). Some of these posts, especially the polemic ones, I’d write with a little more grace than I did back then. I’ll break them down by current category.

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I'm an avid reader, musician, and high school Bible teacher living in central Florida. I have many paperback books and our house smells of rich glade air freshners. If you want to know more, then let's connect!

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