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October 10, 2016 — Leave a comment

We all knew this day would come. As I’ve gotten more realistic about the amount of time I should spend reading and reviewing books, there were bound to be some casualties. And by casualties, I mean books that fall by the wayside. Reasons they fall away vary, but it happens nonetheless. Since I’m trying to be more disciplined and organized in life in general, and my use of time in particular, I’ve decided to do something about these overlooked books.

You’ve probably noticed my rate of reviews has slowed for the past couple of years, although my reading remains fairly constant. Some of that is because reading is a more stable habit than the review writing. But another part that has loomed a bit larger is that I will often finish a book and have no real desire to say anything about it at length.

This creates a bit of a quandary if it is a book that I requested from the publisher for the purposes of review. In some cases, books that I’ve specifically requested do not even feel worth finishing after a chapter or two. After some thought, I’ve decided that in the interest of both time and transparency, I ought just be honest when this is the case.

Over the course of the next few weeks (and maybe months), I’d like to supplement catching up on actual reviews by writing some non-reviews. These “non-reviews” are going to be about books that I either didn’t finish or did but don’t want to review. In some sense, this actually is helpful for you as the reader to know that I requested these books from the publishers and after reading them, had no desire to write more than a few sentences about them. It may tell you more about me than the book, but that’s ok.

This will also acknowledge that publishers have been very generous and sent me these books. Even when I’m underwhelmed or bored by them, it’s still free books and I want to post about it. In some cases, I may recant and come back to read and finish a book that gets non-reviewed. But for now, I need to go through what I’ve got on hand, and instead of putting out a bunch of mediocre reviews, focus on a few solid ones and several mentions that are far short of full treatment. Think of it as kind of like the new books of note posts that I’ve done, but even sparser since in some cases, it’s books that haven’t even been finished. As I continue to re-think what I’m doing on the blog and writing in general, it will be interesting to see how the review process continues to evolve.


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