John Eldredge, Steve Jobs, Mitt Romney and Other Assorted Reading

October 15, 2011 — Leave a comment

Since I’m not sharing too many links through Tumblr anymore, here’s some that I thought you might want to check out from this past week:

Tim Challies shares not one, but two quotes from the new John Eldredge book: Arrrr You Serious and Worst…Gift…Ever. (For my thoughts on Eldredge’s non-sense, read this and check out the posts on the Myth of a Good Heart)

Justin Taylor posted a link to Michael Horton’s review of The King Jesus Gospel, which is itself worth a read. It sounds like Horton landed near where I did and encouraged people to read it for themselves because it pushes the conversation forward.

Dan Phillips (author of The World Tilting Gospel) wrote about how Steve Jobs and Christ defeated and preached the Gospel. There are plenty more posts on Steve Jobs (like this one, and this one), but Phillips comes at the issue from an interesting angle.

Michael Hyatt wrote on the power of incremental change over time. This post is more concise, and I’ll admit more practical version of what I was saying about The Compound Effect.

Denny Burk posted on Wayne Grudem endorsing Mitt Romney. I’m planning on digging into this a little deeper, so maybe look for a series after the first of the year interacting with Grudem’s book on other insights about how Christians should respond politically in America.

Lastly, just in case you missed any of my posts, here they are:


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