In Case You Missed It, I Got an Award

April 15, 2011 — 2 Comments

Much has been happening here around the seminary. My semester is speeding right up to the end. Last week though, I was awarded the Rollin Thomas Chafer Award in Apologetics for the best paper submitted in that field. I was a bit surprised since I haven’t submitted any papers on that recently (nor have I taken that class here at DTS) but did some digging and found out it was an award in advance for my yet to be completed thesis. Apparently the first two chapters trumped any other contenders. Hopefully the rest will live up to the hype.

In a slight twist of irony the award comes with a nice cash prize funded by Norman Geisler and his wife. (You might find that slightly ironic considering I relied on Van Til and Bahnsen for my apologetics approach). I am very grateful to the Geislers’ generosity and split the prize money with my wife. I reinvested mine in some books from Westminster and Monergism:

The Westminster books came today, but I have no time to read them, though I thumbed through and am looking forward to this time next week when I’ll be down for the semester, and really for good, minus finishing that thesis and some book reviews over the summer. Although, we’re going to Austin for the weekend next weekend, so I won’t be bringing books along. So next Monday it is then.

Kind of bittersweet, but I’ll say some more on that later.

I managed to post a couple of times this week:

As you can see, everything was more or less a book review. Once school is done, I’ll start thinking about things other than papers, promise.

Elsewhere, Daniel Kirk has a series going on the church and the academy:

And here’s a good roundup of some other interesting posts:



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2 responses to In Case You Missed It, I Got an Award

  1. Nate, We are seriously proud of you!!! What an honor and validation that you are great writer and apologist. Just wanted to say WAY TO GO. -Adam and Katie

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