I should get some sleep…

November 13, 2007 — 3 Comments

Update time…

I was on the way home from work (not from Starbucks, more on that below) and almost started to rock out to the new Jimmy Eat World (Chase This Light), which is worth picking up if you haven’t already; it is rather infectious. But anyway, just as I was about to scroll down to the “J” section on the trusty old iPod (who I briefly named Poddy, before realizing that that was dumb, and decided to continue to refer to him as simply “my iPod”) when I realized what day it was. Of course! It’s Monday, so without hesitation, I just kept going to the “L” section and did the drive home from Addison the right way; jamming to Living Sacrifice’s rather inventive The Hammering Process;very November, and very metal.

After picking up some Chipotle off Lover’s Lane, thus completing the Metal/Mexican Monday di-unity in all its radiant splendor, I headed home rather brain dead after having been up since 340ish and working in one capacity or another. Just to make sure the brain activity screeched to a halt, I sat down to finish up the reading in Charles Ryrie’s Dispensationalism while listening to Norma Jean’s O God the Aftermath (to ensure I couldn’t hear myself thinking through the use of certain hermeneutical methods in dispensational theology versus the usage in covenental theology as well implications regarding the Sermon on the Mount and its relevance more to the Tribulation period, rather than the current dispensation of grace, which is essentially the parenthesis between the 69th and 70th weeks of Daniel)

Just in case there was any synaptic activity after this was completed (circa 730 pm cst) I figured I would blog about the whole ordeal in rather esoteric terminology indicative of someone with either a pompous view of their own intelligence, or a home schooler that had a few too many vocabulary drills in grade school and may use the rather verbose approach as means of catharsis after a long day, ambitious to have a more copacetic than execrable ending to the day.

At this point you may have questions, I’m sure not the least of which may be “why am I reading this?” Others may include:

  • Is there anywhere worth working besides Starbucks?
  • Where is Addison?
  • Who names their iPod?
  • For that matter, who listens to Living Sacrifice?
  • How is a record classified as “very November?”
  • Is di-unity even a word?
  • Isn’t Dispensationalism just a tool of Satan to cut up the Bible and divide the church?
  • Did Charles Ryrie die recently?
  • “Weeks” of Daniel?

Well, I’m glad you asked (or that I personified you and through literary device asked myself the hard hitting questions). Here are the answers in order:

  • Yes there is, and given the time of my waking this morning, it seemed appropriate to find a new job, which I did, cleaning pools (hey, it pays the same, and is more flexible and less stressful).
  • Just north of central Dallas.
  • People who are not thinking straight, as I was at the time of said naming.
  • A very select, enlightened few, mostly male, mostly musicians, and able to tolerate screaming where melodic vocals would otherwise be used.
  • A record is classified based on which season/month it is best listened to in (Abby if you read this, I should get a bonus for ending a sentence with two prepositions). For instance, 311 is very August. Most Christmas music is very Decemberish (not to be confused with Decemberists).
  • No its not, but it does emphasize the separate but oneness of metal music and mexican food, on Monday no less.
  • No…more on this in a later blog. This is usually an attack of someone with less than literal hermeneutics, or one made from just plain ignorance of dispensationalism as properly expounded upon by Ryrie.
  • No, I actually saw him in the locker room at Baylor the other day, very much alive, and very much not fully clothed. I wanted to introduce myself and ask him if he knew there was library named after him, but then it might be better to meet some other time, when we were both more properly attired, and when I would have my MacArthur study Bible for him to sign.
  • Well, that is a blog in and of itself. It you didn’t go to Word or Life and thus have a minor in eschatalogy/dispensationalism (actually more of a double minor when you count all the classes on the charismatic movement) you are really missing out. Whenever I’m done with my dispensational reading, I’ll throw my thoughts on the matter out there and hopefully it will spark an argument or two. Because sometimes that’s just the best way to learn…

Anyway, wrapping up, I’m in the process of changing jobs, the semester is slowly winding down, we’re in a parenthesis of our own with our two week break of sorts, and not much else is really all that new. I have more to say on the heart, more to say on dispensationalism, and maybe even something to say about the nature of the soul. More coherent thoughts later…


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3 responses to I should get some sleep…

  1. http://danteworlds.laits.utexas.edu/

    i just wanted to share this bizarre website. Enjoy

  2. I feel exhausted after reading that.
    And all I have to say to it is that I
    had Dr. Ryrie sign my MacArthur, and
    he just laughed a lot when I asked.
    What were you doing at Baylor??

  3. I should probably have clarified, Baylor is the medical complex across the street where our gym/workout facility is. It’s connected with the university, but nowhere near Waco

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