How The Trinity Changes Everything

October 26, 2011 — 6 Comments

If you remember from the discussion about The Elephant Room, I mentioned a series on the Trinity just might be in order. I offered a short Trinitarian reading list, and then we somewhat moved on to other things (i.e. a different series and book reviews). As a way of continuing the emphasis from yesterday, I think a solid Trinitarian foundation is necessary to thinking theologically, or at least doing so well.

So, in celebration of this, the 400th post on the blog, I’d like to roll out yet another blog series.

I’m taking the title from the subtitle of Fred Sander’s book The Deep Things of God. Because of that, let’s let Sanders frame our upcoming discussion:

Christians should recognize that when we start thinking about the Trinity, we do so because we find ourselves already deeply involved in the reality of God’s triune life as he has opened it up to us for our salvation and revealed in in the Bible. In order to start doing good Trinitarian theology, we need only to reflect on that present reality and unpack it. The more we realize that we are already compassed about by the reality of the gospel Trinity, the more our Trinitarianism will matter to us. Evangelicals in particular should recognize that we have everything we need to think about the Trinity in a way that changes everything (p. 27-28).

With that in mind, the series is going to start out a bit more on the theoretical side. In order to show how the Trinity changes everything, we probably need to spend a good deal of time talking about who the Trinity is. Since most people don’t carry around a robust Trinitarian theology ready to use in everyday life, I’m going to start with defining the Trinity. I know that might seem like climbing mount improbable, but I’ll be the first to admit these are just my humble, finite, thoughts on God. I think they are grounded in Scripture and in much respected and more intelligent, Spirit-led theologians than myself. Don’t let me be the last word on this, but rather, use the posts as a starting point in your understanding and search the Scriptures to see if these things may be true.

The first few posts will outline the Trinity, starting with the persons of God and then the being of God. From there, we’ll start looking at ways this maps onto everyday life and changes how we approach a variety of situations and topics. I am convinced that the Trinity has implications for everything, and I’d like to explore some of those with you.

So, here’s what it looks like so far:

That’s what I’ve got in mind so far, so keep checking back on this page, and as new posts are rolled out, they’ll be linked here!


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6 responses to How The Trinity Changes Everything

  1. Hey Nate,

    I am looking forward to this series. Looks great!

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